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  1. Ad hominem attacks are against the forum rules. If you disagree with what another poster says you are free to state your point of view but please do not resort to name calling and personal insults.
  2. Years ago a deranged poster said he was going to turn up at an HPC pub meeting in London that evening with an AK47. He was safely under arrest long before the meeting started.
  3. If you were to post a death threat on this forum today you could expect to hear from the police in a matter of hours as they would contact the owners and require them to divulge your email and IP addresses.
  4. Puerile aimed at a another poster was the word that caused the latest deletions. That post and those quoting it.
  5. Personal attacks, name calling and ridicule have been and will be deleted.
  6. All personal abuse needs to stop. From now on any posts containing personal abuse will be deleted.
  7. And reports of individual deaths whatever the cause.
  8. Please stop the insults or the thread will have to close.
  9. When quoting MSM articles please include a link to the source for verification. Also small fonts in quotes please.
  10. But the personal attacks have to stop - Guidelines - House Price Crash Forum
  11. Some posts and quotes have been deleted to avoid a potential problem.
  12. The swear filter can be set to change a word into anything and is not limited to a fixed number of asterixis. For example the word 'train' could be set to read '****' or '**********' or '???' or 'lorry' etc so it is pointless trying to work it out.
  13. Several warmongering posts have been removed.
  14. Any experts? This is a really determined attack.
  15. Hopefully I can get this in before the site is down again. Please be patient, we are working on it.
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