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  1. Several warmongering posts have been removed.
  2. Any experts? This is a really determined attack.
  3. Hopefully I can get this in before the site is down again. Please be patient, we are working on it.
  4. I think the techies have been burning the midnight oil.
  5. There was an announcement that the forum would be offline for maintenance over Thursday night. It was back on Friday morning but was up and down until it went offline again from Friday evening until this afternoon. Seems really fast now so fingers crossed.
  6. It was certainly hidden but not by any moderator. Could be an automatic trigger word or phrase? Now visible.
  7. Please stop the swearing we have better things to do with our time than editing and removing childish posts.
  8. It's the automatic swear filter. You quoted a post that contained a bad word within a word that means laughing. It needed to be manually approved.
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