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Labour Celebrate By-Election Win

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YVETTE COOPER - shadow foreign secretary

"We obviously saw a big improvement in our results since the election and a swing from both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, which I think shows how angry a lot of people are about things like the cuts to VAT, the cuts to the police, but also tuition fees came up a lot... David Cameron didn't run a strong campaign, and obviously was quite keen for the Liberal vote to increase... I think if you look at the combined vote of the two parties together, they obviously did quite a bit of swapping votes between them, but look at their combined vote together it does show quite a significant swing away from the government parties."


So VAT has been cut? And National insurance is 20%?


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Absolute scum of a women saying that, with her scum of a party being the reason for the cuts. I don't know how these labour people have the cheek to speak in public when their the reason we are in this mess.

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Politics 101 - The bigger and more brazen the lie, the more believable it becomes.

Give them their due, they are already distancing themselves from the mess they caused.

Yvette 'Debt is Wealth' Cooper mmm... not a nice person really, is she?

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We'rent liebour angry about VAT in the 80s/90s too, and then did nothing about it for the next 13 years?

Liebour are very good at being angry, less good at seeking councilling. Their money printing and inflationary policies have decimated peoples purchasing power far more than 2.5% on VAT could ever do.

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