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  1. With this new world health service their doing, who's going to live beyond 65 without private medical care anyway.
  2. Tides turning lol. I'm on outskirts of London and prices have appreciated hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  3. Mate of mine has a single hot water solar panel thing on his roof. He hasn't had his boiler on for 8 months, content with warm water on cold days and hot on hot days. Have the solar prices gone down such that the government subsidy is no longer needed?
  4. and now labour returning (probably), maybe they can sort it all out.
  5. So basically the ideal scenario is you've just served a 10 year stretch at her majesty's pleasure (shows arrogance), you get out inherit a load of cash and a house (makes you cocky confident) - your now exactly what an attractive women wants. The other side of the coin, your a church going nice guy (not cocky) with a stable job (not arrogant) and you rent your place; no attractive women in her right mind will touch you.
  6. All my shares are down, my silver coins are worthless, my debts are high and fracking house prices are going up. It feels like a living hell.
  7. Need to amend title - working poor forced to spend half their income on housing because of the labour party.
  8. All they do is start wars, divide us and protect corporate interests. In a civilised society are they even needed.
  9. Old people don't know what its like to have the stress of debt, not having somewhere decent to live, not being able to do what you want to do in life etc. They had it better than us.
  10. But when labour win it will be full on property madness like last time so this will be considered a trough. 2 years from now I'll be kicking myself for not buying at ridiculous prices.
  11. I thought they were the BTL party. Tories help you buy and labour helps you rent lol.
  12. So many voters reliant on it for income that you can't do a thing to change it without being voted out. Your damned if you do.
  13. Surely its all talk as usual to get a rise out of the markets. Rate rise will mean they have to do the debt jubilee thing because everyone is up to their eyeballs in debt. Then probably bail ins this time. I don't think it will happen until the world is stable enough to move to a proper single currency.
  14. Flipping scary if banks can't even sustain that kind of fall. All I see is an excuse to keep rates low and keep pumping this un-poppable bubble with funny money. 35% from here still wouldn't be affordable, for me at least.
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