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A Picture That Says A 1000 Words

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OK, I didn't quite get the picture, so can we have the 1000 word version?? :D

Basically, it wall all planned.

Glass Steagall repealed by Clinton, the banks crashed during the Bush administration and the bailout to dilute narrow money and crash the dollar occurred under Obama, who then reinstated Glass-Steagall.

Take-down of the US over about 15 10 years (edited: and counting).

Edited: To the mutual benefit of senior bankers and civil servants. Although to be honest, with the "deflationary" effects of an Asian workforce paid 20c an hour to make iPhone4s, it was going to need a particularly creative solution to keep money supply growth positive. Enter sub-prime. As the meerkat would say - "Simples".

Edited 2: Makes me desperately, desperately miserable just thinking about what humanity is being subjected to :(

Edited by AvidFan
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