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  1. I agree, but they won't come down, not much anyway. My reasoning is that if house prices were going to crash, they'd have done so by now, 3 years on from the end of the boom, since which we've had the banking catastrophe and the world recession. This package looks to me like it's primarily designed to help the building industry, and helping home FTB's is just a politically useful by-product that can be used as window dressing.
  2. I still stick to my prediction there will be little overall change in house prices this year and after that, when prices start moving again, it will be upwards. This initiative would tend to support house prices rather than decrease them, though.
  3. We should be trying to reverse the trend towards 24/7 leisure and entertainment. It can't be doing us much good staying up to the early hours every night and then having to get up to go to work early the next day.
  4. You might get away with it a couple of times before the you get a dawn raid by the fraud squad
  5. Housing development is the most likely use for the old Cadbury factory. Keynsham is mid-way between Bristol and Bath, neither of which have been much affected by the property slow-down. The site is also near the station too. But most of us are more interested in value for money.
  6. ....Outside, now! The ASBO Toff of HPC has spoken!
  7. I agree. When there was a boom, the total value of everything was going up and so everyone who owned property or shares was tending to become better off. But now, the total value of everything is stagnant. If there's a limited amount of total value around, if the rich are getting richer that means everyone else must be getting poorer. The multi-£billion profits of the big banks over the last year have made everyone else (on average) several hundred pounds poorer, I reckon.
  8. For everyone who gets priced out of the bottom of the property ladder, there's a rich investor who finds they can add an extra property to their portfolio. That's why property prices won't crash in London or anywhere else in UK. Let's face it, after all the world economy's been through in the last 3 years, if property prices haven't crashed yet, they ain't going to.
  9. As long as the super-rich continue to increase their wealth, what else matters these days?
  10. Why shouldn't teachers be paid a decent wage and be able to afford reasonable cars? Are people suggesting that teaching should be a minimum wage job? If it was, nobody would do it.
  11. Unless the bailiffs turn up and break the owner's arm under the noses of police officers who do nothing to stop them.
  12. See my thread about NatWest offering 10.9% APR loans in junk mail: Why offer low interest rates when you can offer high ones?? http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=161226
  13. Has anyone else recently received this 'invitation' or similar 'offers' from other banks?
  14. It's either raw greed or absolute desperation! Which?
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