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Seems like today Greenspan has lit the touch paper over in the USA with his talk on bond yields etc.

I told myself I would be reducing my equity portfolio at these sort of levels. I have a fair bit of beta in my portfolio and should see more upside gain if this continues over the next few days and with Oil moving up feel now might be a good time to to go more into cash.

Who disagrees and thinks its worth holding on. Cos if I make this decsion now i will stick with it for a fair while waiting for the setback that I anticipate.

(currently 55% cash and 45% equity. thats it no property. no debt )

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Hi First caution i've only ever lost real money to the markets and only ever made paper money.

But i reckon you should be selective with equities. What are the traditional defencives, drip feeding into them of course.

I'd avoid anything rallying at the moment unless its got strong fundamental macro economic drivers ie not google, more like debt collection firms and, other traditional recession proof old economy stocks.

Im asking the queston on another thread if pound / dollar shops are a good buy? No replies yet


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