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  1. Not true. Your destiny is fixed but you have freedom over intentions (to please God or otherwise, moral or imoral). You choose and you may thinck you are in control but that is another test....we all have very near misses through life they are all signs that we are not incharge. God may give you good results in the world, but that is a perfect way to test your pride and humility and compassion to others but beware; in it self being nice to others to please your self is not enough or just as a matter of habit, it counts if you do it to earn favour when you will be judged you have to remain God
  2. Hello, I'd Like to submitt this for consideration; This is not THE book. But if you are an open mind it may afford you the journey to the reality shift that I have had. Uncommon Dissent: Intellectuals Who Find Darwinism Unconvincing Paperback: 366 pages Publisher: ISI Books (June 2004) Language: English ISBN: 1932236317 Product Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.1 x 1.2 inches Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds And any way argue with Einstien. Oh yes he was a type of monothiest. Not that the secular BIAS in our society would have you know it. I am very familiar with unaware academics and the secular bias
  3. Hello, Getting the oil is not the issue. COntrolling the market of oil exporters IS. The deal is we let you sell to us IF you buy goods and services from us NOT our COMPETITORS.... Seven sisters Still pulling the stings eh? A Century Of War by F. William Engdahl http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/074532309...5Fencoding=UTF8
  4. The bottom shal not be made in the familiar sentiment of the last decade, it will be quite obvious when the mainstream is unable to bring them self to think of propert investment or taking long term risk. gauging that sentiment will i expect be quite easy especially after the bottom. ...
  5. No I said "spike" short term spike nothing more but historical precedants do favour this in times of economic crisis and provides all the requirements of a trigger to flush the system, re-rack the infaltion then deflation game without letting the mainstream seriously call the sytem into question. Learn from histry read The art of contrary thincking by H Neill. Histroy shows that what ever the consensun expects doesnt happen. sp1 by the way contrary thincking is not just taking the oposite view of the consensus, it is more powerfull and deeper way of thincking.
  6. Gavin I agree with you. Your self direction and taking resposilbility for your choice to stay in or judge it a ripe time to get out with a view to get back in a a net gain is the right way In my view. But like casinos, stock markets life insurance brokers, buckets shops and the property market infact the busssiness cycle, they all work on averages. it is the avaerage participant who gets fleeced. Your stance was the right one in my view. sp1
  7. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...topic=26129&hl=
  8. Heloo, Nice thread. I'm glad others can see the structural wealth syphons in the SYSTEM. Just look at the Land registry figures for % of total property stock that is mortgaged, it reaches maximum at HPI peaks and bottoms in crashes.... repeatedley rich people sell thier houses to people who need mortgages at peaks but then come back and buy them in the crashes. The best and most empowering axioms to my surprise sofar are all obvious! But absent from mainstream use. For eg in markets where pure advantage is sought through exchange via possesion of profitable knowledge and experience. Each par
  9. I agree . I ve been feeling a wib of related PsyOps, Ounce you undersstand the technology and the economic context its amazing how easy it is prooving to be able to evaluate and surmise an intent that ties them all together into a neat result.
  10. SOme how energy spikes up say crude takes out $200 or even $400... Thais can come from Iran strike or some thing else that leads to and Opec emargo ar some other energy related geopolitical situation comming together. This forces official infaltion above targets and gives the Central banks an excuse to send rates up. In this senario capital flight from investments start cos organisations realise there investied cash is not doing well as by now recession and negative economict sentiment abound. Capital leaves Uk and is converted Disproporitnatley converted to USD more than other currancies b
  11. Please explain why the market is wrong! Q1: As I mentioned the Anti-dollar story from various angles continues to gain traction yet the dollot is up from 1,95 since Dec 04. Your informatative article from money week is really nice, thanks. But it is mainstream now so it lack any empowerment. The first rule of speculation is that there is only one rule; He who has ALL THE GOLD SETS ALL THE RULES!! Think about this....Is the market free are people free? What ever the motives and Intent of those with all the gold is what you need to ponder on. A clue you wont find any mention in the mainstrea
  12. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...l=money+masters
  13. It is one of many instruments of "Wealth Trasfer" And social order. That is the target http://www.mises.org/mysteryofbanking/mysteryofbanking.pdf http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...l=money+masters http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/096408481...5Fencoding=UTF8
  14. In a distant hystria people will need alot of USD to buy enrgy (oil spike $200-$400 ) In a distant Hysteria people will need alot of USD to meet thier interest payments on USD denominated debts. When this double whammy arrives it will put alot of the multi level SELL USD propaganda into context. Am I the only wone who can see the ship on the horizion?? Accumilation markup distribution. And political context to rerack the debt game inflation deflation. The good ship Wealth Transfer heading this way calling at all global destinations...
  15. Its an important ime i think to be contrarian in cable. The hysteria of house price rise for ever only has a paralell with the USD must fall and Gold forver. I would play contary to all three... On USd there is no attention on why even though the Anti dollor story gains wider wider audiance and bernanke is in and inflation is in. Yet the usd is up from 1.95 So where is the market wrong....cos erm they cant be wrong can ther the USD bears..... The market is not wrong there are reasons...by the time averone realises they will clamour to buy back USD...
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