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  1. With this sort of language you're bound to get moderated out of this site soon. Have to agree though, nothing wrong with Bolton.
  2. Seems to me a much large institutional ownership of rental properties, by pension funds etc., would make a big difference as it stabilises the market. Could be arranged through the tax system (make private BTL more or less unaffordable).
  3. These look more like statistical anomalies than anything to be honest. You need to look beyond a single month and then see what happens.
  4. It looks like the double counting comes from using multiple websites. Kind of hard to avoid then?
  5. That is a great point, hoping people actually read it. Otherwise this will not be a forum (a place for discussion) pretty soon.
  6. I have to agree. This report shows no evidence whatsoever of a crash or even a standstill. That doesn't mean one will not be forthcoming, perhaps even over the next few months, simply that we have no evidence of it now. You would have to wear your pinkest of glasses to see a crash in this. Maybe some people on here do, good for them. I prefer real realism over realistbearism TBH. Still hoping for a price decrease though.
  7. It also reads: "The changes have benefited tenants, too. Competition between landlords has pushed up standards and pulled down rents. Buy-to-let has helped to revive parts of the housing market and boost inner-city regeneration. The demise of buy-to-let has been forecast at least once in the past ten years. But predictions that landlords will sell in droves when the market slows have so far failed to materialise. Instead, buy-to-let is expected to grow further as demands for rental homes increase. The rise in single-person households, immigration and the demise of the first-time buyer, as more young people are priced out of the property market, is good news for landlords." I wonder whether we could get a similar effect with big institutional investors rather than individuals?
  8. Moderator, I agree that four registrations isn't the way to go. But this is a pretty serious allegation being made here by boomerbull or whoever he/she is. It' not really true, is it? [Moderator: The only reason that Boomerbull has been placed in the troll usergroup is because of multiple registrations. ]
  9. But even the other 30k (non-materials) depends on where you build, right? Sounds like a better business than BTL.
  10. Seems to me that Rightmove benefits from a site like this, it advertises their product.
  11. But then why do you open by saying that a 50% crash is possible? Now you're saying a 50% drop in affordability. These are clearly not the same thing. Your post confuses things rather than clearing them up.
  12. So where does the 50% come in? You're not suggesting house prices are perfectly correlated with interest rates, are you? If that is what you're suggesting, we should already have seen an enormous drop over the past 4 years.
  13. Well that may be true but unfortunately that really isn't what the discussion in this thread is about.....
  14. BLAIR, Rt. Hon. Tony (Sedgefield) 8. Land and Property Two residential flats in Bristol from which rental income is received. A residential house in London from which rental income is received. Is that a landlord anyone would trust?
  15. People who otherwise wouldn't buy get drawn in because of the 'bargain' nature of the houses for sale. Look at how everyone on here suddenly finds the houses on that site more attractive than the average house.
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