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  1. My heart bleeds for them! by the way Mr Shipside, if you have not noticed yet, your so called equity-rich club has already gone bust
  2. blah blah blah same old fart Hey Phil what happens to those who take your advice and buy today then base rate hits 6% not like today's 0.5%?
  3. How can drop in the valuation hit people hard leave many homeless? I tell you what hits people hard and leave many homeless. The only way people get hit hard and left homeless is when they take on the debt they can't service! Stop talking rubbish. If the houses were cheaper there would be less chance of millions on the street because, believe it or not, £75K debt is easier to pay back than £200K!
  4. Is that what EA told you? Amazing how they can still brainwash people! but, if this is not what you were told and it is your personal opinion, then you should walk away from this purchase until you learn the fundamentals of the market.
  5. When I said; ‘Luckily I have not had any experience good or bad’ I meant that I didn’t have any experience of getting divorced myself that doesn’t mean I don’t have the life experience or divorce experience in the family does it? I am 39 years old and my parents got divorced when I was 7 years old! I have the experience of 32 years not being able to share family dinner with my mum & dad at the same time! So when I defend that the kids need to spend their time equally with their parents, as long as possible, it comes from my 32 years experience of my parents divorce. I wish I had the chance to spend equal time with them but I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand that Therefore maybe you need to stop lecturing others about life experiences when you clearly don’t have half the experience of others..
  6. What effects can justify kids spending less time with their father? I appreciate your ex is not the ideal father, if he sees them 3 times a year and thinks they are expensive, but please don't tar all fathers with same brush I can't see how kids spending 0% of their time with their father benefit enormously from this arrangement, sorry but you are 100% wrong to claim non-contact with their father benefits the kids. I understand your circumstances are different but what you need to understand is that there is nothing wrong for kids to spend their time equally with their parents. Just because you are divorced doesn't mean the kids are too Luckily I have not had any experience good or bad, even if I did, my opinion wouldn't change. Sound like more of a long-distance family gathering than the school parents day
  7. Not bitter not at all, God forbids, if I had a divorce one day I wouldn't settle with less than 50% of my son's time, so I am just trying to understand why some women think they should have the god given right to decide that their ex should spend less time with kids. Sexist part was a joke, if you trained them hard enough they would know not to touch the remote control when the man needs it anyway
  8. Why wouldn't you? as already adviced, offer 20% less than your original offer, and say that it is clear HPC is here to stay for many years so you need to protect your interest
  9. Why didn't you think it was a good idea? Why should the kids spend, say, 80% of time with you and only 20% of time with your ex? I'd really love to know what sort of women would want to restrict their kids contact with their father and why! Remember you are divorced, not your kids, he may be your ex but he is still the father of your children who, as all kids, need their father. Nice to see you know your place, if a man wants the remote control, he should get it. Your next job would be to serve his food & drink so he can enjoy his telly & feed his tummy
  10. Who cares about Homes under the hammer! I am more interested in when she is going under the hammer
  11. more borrower friendly stance please Why does he think it is lenders' responsibility to offer high loan-to-value products in order to meet borrowers' needs? Hang on I guess he wants to see a regular and sustained movement upwards in house prices, what a muppet! Borrowers should meet their responsibilities and save and save and save then they may not need high loan-to-value products after all!
  12. There comes the 'supporting families' part! interestingly he didn't mention 'hard working' part Subprime exchequer of subprime minister!
  13. Bogus title salesman to property tycoon The corrupt system of Brown's corrupt miracle economy. Lend lend lend lend regardless of whether borrowers qualify for it or not! I wonder what Eric will say about this
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