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  1. I think my definition is more accurate
  2. I thought the definition of socialist was the willingness to p1ss other peoples money up the wall on your favourite lost causes whilst pocketing some of it along the away. By any accounts that puts Labour into the socialist A category.
  3. The problem with your arguement is that the rich will get their education come what may - typically employers will take the highest qualifies person for a plumb job - thus the poor will simply get relegated into the lesser jobs. Besides the fact that we currently pay very high taxes, you would have thought if the government would just stop spending on quangoes and folly projects then they could afford decent affordable education.
  4. All part of the New Phoney Economy that we are building for the future - here everyone will be prosperous (*exemptions apply) Nice to see a good example of this working so sucessfully. * Only applies to banks, bank staff, hedge funds and politicians. Everyone one else will pay for this with increased taxes, inflation and their savings.
  5. You are a busy little fool are you not. Why are you trying to argue that a basic need should be unaffordable to most? Are you some sort of halfwit that does not understand that the price of shelter is not something to crow about.
  6. I saw that too - I bet the Durkadurkastanis are eternally gratefull.
  7. Thanks - good assessment. Pretty much confirms my suspicions that high food prices are here to stay and I expect inflation to accelerate due to the factors you mention above. I just don't buy the falling oil prices feeding back into lower food prices - inflation is now baked into the cake.
  8. Folly and distraction. When you aint got nutin to spend you amuse yoursel kickin a can around the yard. Thats what Brown is doing.
  9. I rest my case - there are many thousands of people addicted to the state shilling and perfectly willing to prostitute themselves for the non jobs on offer. Its a shame really that the public sector gets such a bad rap but NuLabour have encouraged state parasites that now put the rest of workers who do do a good and necessary job in a bad light. NuLabour have a lot to answer for.
  10. Maybe our government would be 'wise' to contract out the government of this country to the French and Germans as the skills to do so seem to be lacking in this country. Having a stable democracy is not something a country wants to screw up.
  11. Its a knowledge economy now dontcha know - we think therefore we produce
  12. And if they actually do something productive in 'that morning' then they are encouraged to talk about it for the next year - ney they are encoraged to tell everyone that they have achieved something (sorry their superiors did it - you just happened to be their)- nay they are told to sell the service that they performed in 'that morning' to other authorities for a fee. They are sooooo clever. I do have some stories to tell - unfortunately they are true and would probably get most peoples goat up so much you would be p1ssing blood.
  13. Can't let a slag public sector workers thread go by without adding a bit of my oar. Firstly, Council workers don't get it, just like their MP and their expenses counterparts - its tax payers money we are talking about - they see a small percentage wage rise and think 'they are worth it' - they have no concept of where the money is coming from - the heartache that normal, value adding individuals have to sweat to make the money they see as rightfully theirs. Secondly public sector workers seem to have developed some sort of myopia regarding their priveleged position wrt their pensions, benefits, working conditions - they seem to think, because they now use the word 'customer' that they work in a competitive environment - they do not - they take money irrespective of how good or bad a job they do. Thirdly - I resent anyone being paid by me dictating what they think they are worth. And an anecdotal for you - I have a friend who just joined the public sector as a business advisory manager - I told him he should keep his head down and recognise that he was in a non job - attached to the tax payers teat and accept his lot - a few months later he turns around and tells me he is an essential core service - seems he has cottoned onto the gravy train that allows him to make one visit a day and play 18 rounds of golf a day and he likes it - very much! Its so easy to see yourself as essential when you are paid a great wad for doing squat all - especially when you are benefiting. I say slash 30% of them and if we don't notice then slash some more. We don't need parasites - we need an efficient public sector and one that we are willing to pay for - no more and no less.
  14. Obviously she has been planted in there so that when her recommendations are ignored the rest of the world can be left in no doubt that insanity is the new sanity.
  15. Now thats an idea. Yellow Pages nearest Merc dealership - test drive please! Honest!
  16. There, there, now just stand out of harms way and try not to dribble...
  17. I would not bother - I think aa3 is challenging for the site village idiot, he is just strutting his stuff to out idiot Sibley.
  18. You really are a seriously deluded dude - since when has printing saved any jobs All it does it steal from savers, pensioners and the taxpayer to fund unproductive enterprise - which has the perverse effect of making industry more unsustainable and thus accelerating job loses. Let me guess - you work in government - probably the NuLabour spin department: Job Title - Wealth Creation Officer: The Money Printing Department in support of the Something for Nothing Inititiative.
  19. I have analysed the situation in detail over the last 2 years, keeping tabs on debt, inflation, exports, trade balance and employment and have come to the conclusion, like you, that the quality of coke on the trading floor is the major factor influencing market movements.
  20. Pain free solutions - how very NuLabour. Something for nothing politics. Its people with your mindset that will lead this country into generations of decay and disease. As I said before - any problem that is encountered from now on will only have one solution - print, print, print until trust is lost in paper money.
  21. Give me your 100k and I'll find you a house to buy - in fact I have quite few friends that will sell you their houses at 100k more than they are worth
  22. And you think owning your house will make your death any sweeter or renting will make it any harsher? Get real - its a place to live. Sure everyone would prefer to not be beholden to a scumlord but not at the expense of a lifetime of debt or a lifetimes worth of money/your sweat being squandered.
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