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  1. Are you going to fly the onions to the UK because I don't believe they freeze well? If treated carefully they can be stored for up to 2 and a bit months...just in time for them to reach us on the putrid side. You do realise that it takes between 50 and 60 days to ship from NZ to the UK? I really do think you are living in some sort of alternate reality. But carry on...must be very frustrating living in lala land...where what you seem to think things are easy to do, but no one actually does it. Everyone else must be idiots eyh
  2. You detect an inconsistency because you are coming at this from a clean slate. That is not the case. All our trade is now geared up to the EU (our biggest and nearest customer). It has grown into what it is now over 40 years and has already made the necessary shifts, the ones you talk about. Now we will have to remake all that trade and change our industries to make way for the compromises necessary if we are to negotiate new FTA's, with customers who are smaller, more remote and less aligned. It does not make sense from a geographical perspective nor with the size of the new markets we are seeking. The opportunities available will never make up the loss we have had to take. This has been forcast to death by many analysts and the vast majority agree. It's just plain daft.
  3. From my understanding and with the current projections the NZ deal will be worth about £1 per person per year. It's a non entity as far as anyone is concerned. Good for optics but bugger all use to anyone on a practical level. If the limit to NZ lamb was lifted significantly it would still decimate our domestic industry.
  4. And that was done by agreement, ie our entire agricultural, services and industrial base is now reliant on the level playing field created within the EU. There will be no difference in dislocation in negotiating FTA's with other countries outside the EU. There will be sacrifices and possibly some gains. If you look at the deal we have struck with Oz you will see farmers up in arms because they know that they cannot compete. Same for NZ and lamb. You seem to be suggesting that there is only uposide to any negotiation when plainly that is not the case. What we 'had' is stability with the EU and a level playing field that has evolved over time and that we have evolved into. That makes sense because they are our main customer. NZ, Oz, USA etc are not.
  5. That is a very accurate observation. Each time they come up with some pap they get called out, they then skip onto the next bit of pap and so forth. They never bottom out or admit that their initial lie is indeed total bunkum. That is why these die hard Brexiteers will eat grass rather than admit that their mental model is simplistic and wrong.
  6. Hmmm....doubling down I see Please tell me why our FTA's have not led to reduced food prices, compared to what we had before and compared to the EU? We have Brexited and all you do is whinge. You should be happy because in your head you must be getting cheaper food...right?
  7. Because agriculture is their main export to the UK. Lamb making up quite a bit of that, since you made a point of referencing NZ.
  8. You will need to explain yourself here. I'm looking forward to this.
  9. Here are some facts for you to chew on. - We produce more lamb than we can consume by around 10%.. - Virtually zero lamb is imported from the EU. - Our main market for lamb exports is....you guest it....the EU. - The vast majority of imported lamb already comes from NZ So you are advocating that we decimate the domestically sourced demand for lamb by importing even more cheap NZ lamb after we have already stymied our export market with Brexit? Sounds like a plan to put our sheep farmers out of business.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the FTA with NZ was done post Brexit. So please tell me why Brexit is not doing what your idealise, version in your head is not working? They had the opportunity to negotiate the best trade deal with NZ, according to you they failed. Perhaps you really don't understand what free trade deals are about after all. You will have to admit that you are just plain wrong. Brexit has failed. Increasing cost by imposing checks in the future with the EU will only make matters worse.
  11. Haven't heard of anyone rejoicing at cheese, butter or beef getting any cheaper since Brexit. Before we joined the EU you claimed that they were cheaper, from domestic suppliers. Now we are 'free' you would have thought that this would have changed, afterall, it's only us and the EU at play. Do you have an explaination?? Would be handy if you could solve that for us
  12. You fail to understand ALL these issues because you think they are simple, you are not thinking about the complexities of trade. Domestic industries for all sorts of reasons have to be protected, yes protected. And what do you think the EU have been doing all this time? In the same vein, what do you think the UK has achived so far? No too much of any consequence is the answer. Considering the amount we have lost...you'd think the upsides would have been easy to disclose....yet here we are, scrapping the bottom of the barel with cheaper soy sauce...which we use once a year as massive sum of £1 per year benefit per person per year. As opposed to the hundreds if not thousands of lose per person per year. Fan-bloody-tastic. BTW - I have not noticed soy sauce getting any cheaper. Would you care to share with us what foodstuffs we have or intend to secure from RoW now that we are free of the EU? NZ and OZ lamb - we have an industry and standards to protect. USA chicken....we have an industry and standards to protect. etc etc etc. And it's not all about foodstuffs....some countries are agrerian...some are industrial....some are services based. We need to secure an equal or greater trade balance if we want an FTA otherwise we lose. Not if we don't secure an equal amount of outward trade in the process. No sir.....it is you who is not thinking. Typically Brexiteers only ever think of issues in this way, they only look at one side of the balance sheet and ignore the other. That's why we are in this mess. A mess created by people whu can't see both sides of the issues.
  13. No it's not. Trade arrangements are agreed and moderated by the two transacting parties. They do this to protect domestic industries/jobs and provide security, including food security. Perhaps that's why you have failed to understand what Brexit means. Depends on if the other trading nation was willing to let us undercut their domestic market in some way. It's what FTA's are all about in case you hadn't figuered that out :). What you are proposing in extreemis would be a decimation of our domestic industries and a ballooning trade defecit. Bonkers. On the one hand you argue that EU trade (at higher prices) has led to a greater trade defecit and now you are aruing that a free for all sourcing of cheaper products form the RoW which will lead to a bigger trade defecit and the loss of swathes of our domestic industries ....and this good??? I can only conclude that you are a bad liar or just plain daft. Probably the latter.
  14. Russian conscripts are the product of the morality and ethos of the Russian millitary which is a direct reflection of the political leaders at the top. No more and no less. As they say in Russia, the fish rots from the head. Ordinary Russians are no different to you and me, it's the propaganda and indoctrination that makes them behave differently. It's a morally befert leadership that makes them this way.
  15. My first guess is that BJ is posturing himself as the 'Churchill' figure and has calculated putting 'the UK' at risk worthwhile in order to keep his job. My second guess is that BJ would treat such a treaty and the commitment to Fin/Swe with the same level of respect as the NIP or the botched Homes for Ukraine scheme...it's all optics and no action.
  16. The only thing that Boris is sure of is that this distracts from Partygate and his long list of other failings..... it's Operation Save the Old Dog on steroids.
  17. The UK Gov are deeply disingenous regarding the NIP. As you say, NI voted to remain and the economic situation for NI has improved because of the NIP. To boot the NIP was negotiated by this gov and it was endorsed by a general election. It is clear that this is about the DUP losing it's premier status in NI and therefore threatening NI's place in the UK. The DUP are effectively blackmailing NI by threatening to walk out of power sharing. What I can't understand is why the nationalists don't threaten to walk out of power sharing if the NIP is ditched...afterall...they got the majority of the vote and NI voted remain. If anyone has a legitimate reasons to throw their toys out of the pram it is them.
  18. I was really taking a pop at the presenter of that clip. He is very much a Trump man and general sh1t stirrer. He's quite happy to denegrade NATO and the allies by twisting and leaving out the full story. In this instance, the Pope is being used to that effect.
  19. Sure...the agressor is not to blame at all LOL. The motives of NATO and the US should be to ensure that Russia does not do this again. Period. The Ukrainians want their country. Full support from me.
  20. Slightly on a different scale in Russia where they poison, murder and detain people for opposition, protesting and generally looking like you might be in anyway against the government....I wonder how many thousand are in gulags right now for holding up blank pieces of paper in red square. You are just nuts mate. Suggest you take your 'free speech' to Russia ....recommend you stay on message...doing a good job so far I see
  21. Sure...whatever makes you feel happy. I'm always looking after the interests of those less fortunate than me.
  22. Oh dear.... I see you have comprehension issues too. Have you tried night school? I hear that great progress can be made, even with people with your limited ability. But thank you for the unintentional compliment. All I can say is that whatever comes out of me comes from a kind heart. Try it. Stop whinging and get behind the idea that we, as a rich nation, have a responsibility to help those less fortnate than us.
  23. Yep - their choice. Too much power in the hands of an unreliable and aggressive supplier is bad news long term....as we have found to our cost.
  24. I guess the Japanese need somwhere to dump the stuff. Chlorinated chicken and radioactive chips...yum..
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