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  1. So now we have to break international law and break our agreement to uphold the NIP so that we can get around the red tape we insisted on creating......how wierd is that?
  2. What are you implying? Below is what the Uk/Maggie negotiated with the EU in terms of contributions and receipts. 'Introduced in 1985, the UK 'rebate', or 'correction', is the mechanism applied to lower the United Kingdom's national contribution1 to the EU budget. This reduction amounts to roughly 66% of the difference between the UK's contributions to, and receipts from, the EU budget.'
  3. In that case stop with your Mrs Mildred next door says that Brexit is good because her poodle gets fish meals cheaper than before Brexit therefore implying that it's all good and everyone is happy nonsense. And while you are at it please stop telling us about your personal life in a level of detail that no one here needs to know about as it is an ANONYMOUS forum. You keep doing it. Stop.
  4. He does it all the time. It's what passes for balanced research in his mind....
  5. Because the government lied and they are covering their track with mine and your money?.....it's just a wild guess
  6. Some businesses are not all. Some in this case are only be a small fraction of the whole. This is not spin, this is a lie. As for EU community funded projects, the contributions made to the fund by each member state is publicly available to all to see. There is no obfucation. You do yourself no favours. Why not just call a spade a spade. The Ad is a lie.
  7. The government are generalising and saying that businesses are going from strength to strength. That is patently not true. It is a lie. The EU are saying particular projects are funded by the the EU community fund. That is the truth. You obviously can't tell the difference between the two which does not come as a surprise to me. It is a dangerous position to take and falls into the Trumpian camp of politics.
  8. There is a difference telling people how a project has been funded using a community/union fund (the truth) and telling people how well businesses are doing when patently they are not (ie a lie). I am sure you can tell the difference between the truth and a lie......or maybe you can't.
  9. Over to leavers to tell us the Brexit sucess stories perhaps?. They can leave out the red tape vendors...we know that they will be well employed
  10. You mean red tape vendors will win out....to be more specific. Not really a productive use of the economy. But this is on another level. That's right, if you can't compete with all that extra red tape then we will need to trash the £. So your message is the UK was stuffed anyway, so move along nothing new to see here. Typical leaver dismissal of a real issue.
  11. If free trade devoid of excessive paperwork can be considered a 'gravy train'.....to many it was basically common business sense allowing them to get on with the job of connecting products to customers efficiently.
  12. I'll take that on. Google the daily express article on Canagan Brexit paperwork. Canagan claim that the extra paperwork will cost them £100k/year extra where before it cost nothing. As for context, Canagan state that they are a small company. Is that clear enough for you?
  13. I mearly provided a link to what the experts are saying....they are not my findings. I so happen to agree with their findings. You need to read and comprehend. That is not the issue addressed by the report. I agree. Hence why I dislike Brexit being used with single issues to whoop up 'why it is a good thing' without the wider context being considered.
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