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  1. No it's not simple. The brexiteers didn't care....the call was keep them all out. When it comes to humanity the brexiteers have nothing to crow about. Hypocritical slime balls that they are.
  2. That's really funny. We went into Iraq and Afganistan, Libia, stirred up the sh1t there and when the inocent civilian refugees, through no fault of their own needed to get away from the mess we created...what did brexiteers say? Let them drown...... ...we could have given the honk kongers citizenship in or out of the EU. What about Windrush?, the people who worked here for 50 odd years? Total fckup by the hostile brexit mob. Don't go preaching your faux santimonious boll0ck and think it will pass.
  3. Yep.....take out the most popular destination first...and then ensure that the final destination beyond the will of the people. That type of despotic behaviour is pure banana republic.
  4. What is not an assumption is free trade will be more constrained with over 50% of our customer base. There is zero prospect of that trade being supplemented. Your 'economic actors' are thus constrained from the off. Snake oil poured on yet more snake oil is not going to take us forward. Give it two years and the matrix will be dissolved...leaving the economic reality laid bare and the lies evident.
  5. You have just captured what I find so utterly moronic about Brexiteers. That they would vote for something not having a scooby about how it might pan out, not having a strategy for improving our situation and dismissing all risks along the way. Brexiteers really are a blight on the Uk...scammers and snake oilers ...... no to worry tho, in a short couple of years the majority will feel the effects and make their feeling known.
  6. Rejecting Brexit and the direction it is taking us in will be down to the people. My view is that the realisation of what Brexit means will not be felt until we have exited the transition period. I am quite sure that there will be an economic hit, will this be large enough to sway the masses? I don't know, hence the use of 'if'. As for Brexit being seen as a success...... that is not even on the radar, not a remote possibility. The best they can hope for is damage limitation.
  7. Why would the Brexit gov want to be part of a bloc that would secure greater purchasing power for a covid19 vaccine? Totally ridiculous.... the thought of cooperating for mutual benefit.....absurd...
  8. Actually, I think even most remainers are just plain sick of Brexit, sick of not knowing what Brexit is or what it will become, sick of both remainers and leavers being divided by the issue. Most just want to see an end to it. In that spirit I think most will wait to see what happens as there is no choice in the matter. But, if Brexit turns our to be harmful, then i think you will see a backlash, not in 50yrs or 25yrs....but much much sooner than that. If Brexit means being poorer, my guess is that the majority will seek a change of direction.
  9. All the logic points to that being the case. Those arguing for 'economic actors' to magically produce a better result when the constraints posed on them are tighter than the situation within the EU are, at best, just dreamers, but most probably snake oil salesmen and scammers who are purposefully deceiving others.
  10. The economic actors adapt within the constraints imposed on them by the structures of trade created. If these structures are more constrained then before, and if you believe that in any given structure the actors will adapt optimally, then you would need to conceed that a more constrained system will bear lesser fruit. The nature of the structure has great sway over determining the result. Therefor it is not necessary to wait to see how the actors play out, you just need to see if the structure is more conducive to trade, but no one is saying that it is, indeed the converse.
  11. You obviously can't read. I don't recall anyone telling us what we would do after the recent referendum either. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  12. Erm....the fact that you don't understand this is worrying. A sound rational would be sufficient for most people to give you the benefit of the doubt....for a while. But thanks for posting that. That sounds like there was a really sound rational behind joining the EU, warranting a period to monitor if it was working or not. A couple of years later the referendum was held and the people decided that it was a good thing....with the benefit if seeing it work first hand.
  13. It's 1930. There is this guy called Adolf Hilter kicking around causing a few stirs. Should we wait and see what happens or do something about him?
  14. I said that you mislead and you do. I am not entirely sure you even know you are doing it, that is the worrying bit.
  15. First from you and then my replies. The point stands. You could have said that the USA is a high polluter of CO2 therefore it is not a particularly good reason to join them in an FTA (even if not a clinching reason).
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