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  1. You make it sound so simple... but we know it's not....unless you are prepared to make some unpalatable sacrifices... In theory, May's deal is a gateway to all you require. It may not be popular compared to a 'Brexit with Cake and Cherries' (but that never existed), it may also not be as popular as Remain. With your suggestion I think we are in a catch 22 - we need to know what we want to get more time..... but we need more time to decide what we want. On second thoughts, It's not really that good a good suggestion. I think May's deal will pass, because the alternative is too horrible for sane minded people to inflict on the people. As a remainer I am not happy about it, it's damage limitation.
  2. I guess I was rewinding the clock on that one. It would have been better to have decided that before the first referendum....but, hey ho...... I also thought the EU would not allow an extension to re-negotiate, unless there was significant movement towards a softer Brexit that is. Are you saying that you would support a softer Brexit?
  3. Thanks - that does make sense. Second Bold: You are wrong headed about that point. It's clear that we don't know on what basis to leave, which has proved to be the main sticking point.....because we never did get a mandate from the people for a specific deal...and now there is doubt about the compromised deal that May has put together.... because no one is sure that is what the people voted for (Leavers think it too soft, Remainers too hard) All in all it's going about as well and anyone would expect for a mission without an agreed destination. Time to revoke A50 and figure out if we want to leave planet earth, with limited fuel and oxygen before deciding what other planet to travel to, if at all.
  4. "It just a start'........hello!........ End of March .... tick tock...... Carpetbaggers and chaos monger must be laughing their socks off.
  5. No.......it only covers £12.8 bn of $109bn previous total two way traffic (goods and services). It may not be 9% but it's not far off. Whichever way you look at it, it's a loss of 80% or 90% of our previous trade... it's nothing to rejoice over. Edit: @ 1.3 dollars to the £ and based on 2017 figures (2018 is probably higher) it works out at ~15%........ so this deal represents a loss of 85%.
  6. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-and-usa-agree-to-continue-mutual-recognition-agreement "Total UK-US trade in sectors covered by the deal is worth up to £12.8 billion, based on recent average trade flows. Of this, the UK exports covered are worth an estimated £8.9 billion- more than a fifth of total UK goods exports to the US. Today’s signing marks a crucial step in the important trading relationship between the UK and America, the world’s largest economy. The agreement benefits a range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals account for around £7.7 billion of UK exports to the US - nearly 18% of total UK goods exports to the US. Other industries that will benefit include the tech sector and telecommunications equipment suppliers." https://ustr.gov/countries-regions/europe-middle-east/europe/united-kingdom "United Kingdom is currently our 7th largest goods trading partner with $109.4 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2017." I don't know about 9% but it doesn't sound too far off.
  7. one step closer......to realising that we are walking up a down escalator slower than it is travelling......we are going to get unceremoniously ejected and end up on or ar55es. Thanks for putting that into perspective...
  8. ..... you make it sound like a triumph. What have we gained? All that has happened is one more Brexit inspired f'ckup has been averted.....there are plenty more in the pipeline where that came from... Brexshit... the gift that keeps on dumping.
  9. It's one rule for carpetbaggers and another for the rest us. Brexiteers are happy (amazed even) that the process has been botched and has worked in their favour..... they are not going to give that up... not in the name of democracy....not for anything.
  10. The emperor certainly has no clothes .... The fact stands..... it is likely that no specific Brexit deal will command as big a majority as the Remain deal.... that's not the way democracy was intended to work.... Let's put the yet to emerge Brexit Deal to the people against the Remain Deal.
  11. Brecember and Branuary are our periods of abstinence.... the rest of the time..... we gorge.
  12. Never mind about Switzerland and their defence spending.. https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-court-finds-uk-in-serious-breach-of-air-pollution-law/ Tut tut.....rich countries like the UK in serious breech of EU Air Polution quality. Why? don't they care about the population. Thank god we have the EU to hold them to account. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/uk-sick-pay-legislation-eu-law-breach-council-europe-social-charter-a8176396.html They don't care about the sick either....again the EU holding them to account....
  13. That's democracy...apparently. And allowing a situation where a Hard Brexit default goes through, which again, has only minority support...that's also democracy....apparently. But giving the people a vote to accept or reject 'THE BREXIT DEAL' that in all probability only a minority would support...... is not democracy.....apparently. Also, allowing a peoples vote to accept or reject Remain, without having a viable alternative deal..... was also democracy...apparently. You godda think.......what is this democracy thing all about if not to ensure that 'at the end of the process' the majority are happy with the outcome......... Democracy....something has gone wrong.....I don't think it's working as intended in this case. Exam question: Where did it go wrong and what would you do to put it right?
  14. Let me see.... 1/5 of 117 is about approx 23b which is what Mr Fox reckons switzerland alone brings in. Yet the total new deals with row bring in ......16bn???? Someone is telling porkies..... who could that be?

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