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  1. Pretty much. Brexiteers got what they wanted...at least they think they will get what they wanted until reality starts to hit...which should not be too long coming now.
  2. And you know what everyone thinks ....absurd! Really? Don't think so. DC had a significant impact tactics and turnout. That may be the case....but you can't extrapolate that. I'd agree with the first point. The second point much less so. Largley irrelevant.
  3. I guess pretty much everyone saw leave or remain as realistic possibilities, bit different from 'seeing it miles off', ie a dead cert. No, it was difficult to predict and came down to campaign tactics tactis in the end. The leave campaign won hands down on that front, focused targetted campaigning over the twitternet and on the doorstep, undefined open definition allowing people to read into it whatever they wanted. Leave had the luxury of allowing people to think that they would get their cake and eat it. If you think about it, they managed to turn something that only 10% of the population wo
  4. I doubt that you could have predicted the outcome of the vote. You would have had to have known that Dom Cummings 'and friends' would have employed every dirty trick under the sun to get the vote through, mainly by not defining what Brexit would actually be delivered. If vote leave campaigned on any one version of Brexit they would have probably lost by a good margin. Instead we had a corruption of democracy where the Brexit that was delivered was supported by less than 20% of leave voters at the point of the referendum (ie ~10% of the population).
  5. Please who voted for Brexit have to accept responsibility for writting a blank cheque. The option for a second confirmatory referendum to clarify what type of Brexit was prefered was resisted by leavers on here because they knew that no single type of Brexit proposed would gain a clear mandate (and certainly not compared to the status quo remain). If you vote for a blank cheque then you have to accept responsibility for it.
  6. I accept that not all leavers can be treated as a homogenous mass, nor can remainers, but the point still stands that the number one reason leavers voted for Brexit is immigration and they believe that the EU and FoM is the culprit when in fact we had the option to delayed taking in EE'ers and thereby softened the effect greatly, yet we chose not to. There are many opinion polls that confirm this. The number two reason being 'sovereignty'. I still consider this reason to be porly understood by the general public, but they all understand what immigration is.
  7. If I was a low paid worker I would be pissed off at the government for allowing early ascesion to EE countries...we had the option to delay but we chose to take in EE'rs first...early mover advantage the gov/boe called it. So, a problem of our own making. But leavers see it as the evil EU....no surprises there.
  8. I don't disagree that we will welcome more big tech companies, but as I noted before, that trend was happening well before we left the EU. So what exactley has Brexit done to contribute to this? Genuine question. And as we have only just left, it's hard to say if this will continue. On your 'fish' point. It was never a remainer issue before Brexit, but leavers put fishing a front and centre to their campain...just before selling them down the river. Remainers have simply pointed that inconvenient fact out. Fishig mattered to leavers .....until they achieved what they wanted...and then mir
  9. As others have said, digging out one stat does not make it a success. What really matter is that our business and trade prosper in the round. At the moment we seem to be haemoraging exports and businesses are suffering. If that contnues, say for the next five years, I can't say that sentiment won't turn. Curious that the upward trajectory happened whilst we where in the EU? Seems that membership did nothing to prevent our success on that front. No?
  10. Still waiting to hear what the plan to replace trade and the other advantages of being with the EU is? Been waiting for 6 years now. As for the reality right now. Trade with the EU down 47% in first Q1. Disquiet with NI, industries sacrificed in the name of 'sovereignty'. The truth is reality is relative to ones priorities, at the moment my priorities are that the UK prospers now and in the long term. So we need to know that this is a possiblity with Brexit, ie a plan. On the positive side, we have secured our first ever from scratch trade deal worth about £1 per year per person but
  11. The response was to 'those who wish to remain in the EU are generally rich'. Well that is a statement of what will happen because the poor will no longer have the option...regardless of their wishes.
  12. They need someone to blame for when the opportunities don't appear. They will work to the following mandate 'better a bad deal than no deal'. Besides, we can always phase it in, say over 15 years, in that way when they realise what a load of pollocks it is, we'll be long gone.
  13. Oh FFS ...how f'ing hypocritical of you guys to talk about opportunities for employment and travel abroad....you guys are f'in nuts. In fact, not worth the zero's and ones going over the interweb. Village idiots the lot of you.
  14. I see BJ has agrred the Oz trade deal in principle over lunch. Hormone beef and lamb, erosion of our food standards, British farmers being undercut, more shipping from the other side of the world. By voting for 'not the EU', a negative vote, we have left the door open, by default, for 'anything else goes'......and the British people can not do anything to stop it.
  15. I also don't think the GFA would have been possible without the UK and Ireland being in the EU. The EU made this possible...and what do they get for it? Nowt but criticsim from the nationalism Brexiteers who have now put this at risk...especially BJ who can't even be bothered to stick to the deal he himself proclaimed 'the best deal ever'.
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