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  1. You should write to your MP...I'll get you started. Dear Sir/Madam, I sit here wondering what the talk of Brexit being a great opportunity is all about, especially when all we get is jam tomorrow and yet more jam tomorrow. Take the Oz deal for example, it provides just £1.50 benefit when we have lost so much by by exiting the EU. Can't we do something, put me in charge so that I can increase quotas, even if this means destoying our farmers and industry. We want cheaper everything and we want it now. Froth, spittle and blather. I'm furious that I voted for Brexit and now all my 'friends' on HPC keep taking the micky out of me for trying to defend you. Do something so they will stop. Yours An angry and frothy mouthed Brexiteer.
  2. And there was me thinking that you knew what you voted for....GWAF
  3. What? Brexiteer blames Brexit government for post Brexit deals. When you have no one left to blame...etc etc etc
  4. Obviously it was not taken seriously by either party. Boris did zilch and the EU didn't believe that Boris would do anything...and they were right. Boris didn'r even implement the border checks properly. And here we are.
  5. You mean a theoretical easy and only partial solution that does not exist. Hardly a surprise then that the EU didn't endorse it as a practical proposition for immediate implementation. Perhaps if the UK gov had enough belief in it they would have invested and then proposed it at the end of the 5 year review. But they have invested...about...ket me see....zilch. Tells you all you need to know about how much they believe in that. The simplistic world you life in were any thing is possible just because you 'don't do complexity' must be very frustrating.
  6. So then, were is this 'innovative solution' in it's development cycle? How much have the UK invested in making it ready with the intention of offering it as an alternative solution to replace the border, an internationally agreed and signed treaty that it needs to adhere to and which it now intends to unilaterally renege on? It's all well and good if you actually have a solution but solutions are only good if they actually exist, are accepted by bot parties and not some 'paper' that says it could be possible. Not everyone lives in Brexit unicorn lala land you know.
  7. We all have our opinions about what Russia/China/USA...the West motives are. In my opinion, 'the West' are quite happy with the geopolitical status quo and want to preserve it. Russia on the other hand are obsessed with imperial expation and China are looking to restore their concept of One China, which is effectively expansion of what they consider to be theirs.
  8. It's pretty clear that brexit is making our inflation problem greater. Just another fail to add to the list of Brexit 'benefits'....now potentially including a row with the EU and the USA playing into Putin;s hands. It's a total sh1tshow with no upsides (apart from in the heads of a few batsh1t crazy Brexiteers).
  9. Cure the cause and the symptoms will cease to be. Russian invasion into Ukraine is the trigger for Sri Lankan woes (and soon to be many other poor countries). That needs to be sorted first. The easilly manipulated tellingly focus on the symptoms.
  10. Answer the question. What is stopping a Brexit government with a huge mandate making it a success? It's clear from both you and kzb (by your constant whinging), that it's not working. So it has to be the case that Brexit is a failure and all your 'will' and stupid 'I'd do it this way' is all crap. It's a lemon. To boot, we are about to get into a trade war with the EU which plays into the hands of Putin. Well fckin done. You guys need to stop this nonesense...and stop it now. You've done enough damage.
  11. Northern Ireland risks Western unity (and plays into the hand of Putin). Google BBC. You heard it here on HPC first yonks ago, despite protestation by various Brexiteers that the two issues were not related at all. Brexit has played into the hand of Putin. Thanks a million..muppets.
  12. We have a Brexit government brought in with a huge mandate. What' stopping them? You are sounding like @kzb who thinks that all it takes is will and his own personal take on Brexit to make it a success. The fact is that it's causing issues. These issues are not being resolved. Blaming remainers for Brexit failures is sounding very stale. As they say round here, sh1t or get off the pot.
  13. I certainly can't agrue with the fact that Brexit has created non-tarriff bariers with the EU and that has made trade harder. Are you suggesting that we get rid of standards and just allow anything in from RoW? Personally, I don't think you understand the issues involved. Well these FTA's were made after Brexit so no excuses please. Besides, why do you think these quotas are the way they are? According to you there should be nothing holding us back now. So what is the problem? Why? According you you we should be free to do whatever we want. Is that not the case?
  14. I don't understand, you just said that you would show them how to do Brexit, now you say that it is done? Which one is it? If you were to show them 'how to do it', what would you do differently? Genuinely interested as this Brexit seems to be making us poorer, has created a mess of NI, the fishing industry, farming, SME's that export to our largest customer and has led to our influency being eroded. Solutions to this would be greatly appreciated.
  15. So what is stopping us from sourcing from RoW now, or for that matter before Brexit. We happilly sourced from China and others no problem. The only quotas that were imposed were due to restrictions we on the wghole have agreed with. Can't see this changing in any significant way now. Oz and NZ show t#that any gains are marginal compared to the grief of losing trade with the EU. Why 8 years, why not 25 or never? Agreed, Brexit seems to be a doorway to less trade.
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