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  1. All this cr*p about Fergus being hard pressed.... let's go through the figures, such as we can, so that all the gossips clucking away like chicken at his financial success can get a clue... We know a lot about the figures, 'cos he's shouted them from the rooftops (or at least in the guardian) for quite a while. Further they don't run any kind of companies, so its private rental income, just like you or me, but scaled up. Its not clever, but it is big... They allegedly have around 700 houses in Kent area, so at an average price of £250k, (rightzoopla estimates for maidstone are actually close
  2. In this part of the market its not QE so much as cash purchasses from abroad. If London is no longer seen as a safe haven and\or Sterling strengthens that would have a bigger impact., as it may if there's a sniff of higher rates. By itself it won't prompt people to sell, just maybe not buy as much. QE is going to be yesterday's news this time next year, the Fed is putting that particular genie back in the bottle. My guess (fwiw) stagnation in the £2m plus bracket towards the end of the year. However don't hold your breath for a "crash" as these sort of people are hardly under pressure to sel
  3. Using inflation adjusted figures it turns out that house prices aren't up at all. No, in fact, they are down 5pc over 10 years. Which to be honest chimes with what's happening nationally. Of course there will always be pockets of winners and losers, ie Kensington London, versus Kensington Liverpool say. www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/houseprices/10531165/House-prices-down-5pc-over-ten-years-in-real-terms.html For an investment to be down 5pc over 10 years after inflation is taken into account (and to be honest inflation must be taken into account) is really not a stellar perform
  4. There'll always be a reason to buy prime property in London.... whether it be european turmoil, (let's get our money out of the euro etc) or Syrian Arab Spring turmoil, or $ strength, or £ weakness, somewhere globally, someone wants a property in London, 'cos its transparent, regulated, and safe and secure compared to whatever they're fleeing from." You'll go to your grave waiting for the "imminent" housing meltdown. Prime London is the Switzerland of Europe. So to speak....
  5. Ah yes, the ever authoritative Stacey Dooley, reality TV nitwit with her "true life story" style voiceover (cf "Holly" from Badlands). At least once an episode, she cries in sympathy with one or other of the chumps she's interviewing, often consoling them with a rub of the arm, and a tv closeup of her going "don't cry" and capturing her big expressive eyes emperthizing (is that a word?) her heart out... Paxo she's not.... yet she's warmly recommended by the housepricecrash gang.
  6. Yes, i think maybe its the royal family (who are really Evil Aliens). Or maybe those black helicopters I've heard so much about. I know this to be the case as I've read Wikipedia with my own eyes.
  7. Lets be honest, magazine ads have gone to the internet. The internet has eaten so many industries, music, newspapers, magazines, currently eating movies. Magazines don't have a clue. Why pay 2.60 for autocar or even more for the others when they give it away on the net every wednesday?
  8. which means what exactly? strangely its been proved time and again that a lot of people without a pressing need to sell will wait and wait, then remove the house from the market rather than accept less than what they think the house is worth. odd but true. forced and distress sales different, obviously. rightmove? funnily enough i think findaproperty has more better listings for london boroughs. we could be getting a series of mini-cycles: houses go down in price => vendors remove houses from market => shortgage occurs => house prices go up a tad, more sellers come out, back to b
  9. thing is you may have missed the opportunity. i bought in oct 09 a repo flat in london which needed refurb. It sold after 6 weeks on market for 74% of the 2007 price. In this case I'm not sure the 2007 price was "honest", I'm suspecting cashbacks or some such chicanery. So I'd say a "selling" price is around three quarters of the 2007 high water mark. problem is that all happened in snowy jan\feb - my estate agent says its a bit quiet right now, and so do others i've spoken too. i reckon the bears will have the day at least until the election. ps its much much slower to shift high cost pr
  10. That "threat" to sterling has been debunked a bit. It appears it was incorrectly attributed to Jim Rogers but was another of these characters that run symposiums and forums etc. It sounds apocalyptic enough but they may just have been promoting their shares dog and pony show. Interest rates? Yes they're historically low and likely to be til September. After that they may be historically low plus 1 or 2 %. If the poo really hits the fan then by mid 2011 we may be looking at 4 or 5%. If the poo keeps coming by end 2011 we'll be at 6 or 7%. Base Rate. Mortgages that currently have massive marg
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