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  1. When people have to start paying back the money they are often forced to sell at a much lower price and if their property is repossessed it is very often the people that have encouraged them to lie in the first place that are very often the same type of people that eventually buy the property back. http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=256
  2. As in other countries it can be a bit of a nightmare rennovating and doing up your property and having it ready to rent out. However Morocco is politically stable and the King is very powerful there. He is committed to social and economic reforms which in time will open up the country to the wider world. The only downside is how long will this take and will they be effective to attract more investment. http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=251
  3. Yes it is! We are a website called Hiday.net concentrating on Bulgaria but we also include a section about property articles from around the globe. We are relatively knew and are trying to build up more traffic.
  4. Greece is becoming favourable at the moment. Greek and other international banks are keen to lend to foreigners. So it could be a good sign to take a closer look. Also legal procedures are a lot simple than say, Dubai or China. http://www.hiday.net/
  5. The Daily Mirror article that argues that property in the UK will drop 63% seems a bit too far. I think now there will not be a house price crash ,but rather everything revolving round the property market will just reach a complete stand still. Builders can't build, banks can't lend and would be home owners can't buy. However dont think that is a crash! http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=244
  6. There is an article in Hiday.net about retiring to Cyprus. It is hilarious but incredibly sad at the same time. It was written about 2 years ago. I bet the people that bought property wish they hadn't now! http://www.hiday.net/
  7. I think there are real possibilities here, but not in central Portugal. Golf is the attraction for Portugal at the moment and there is every liklihood that in the next couple of years Portugal could take over France, Spain and Bulgaria as the number destination for golf lovers. I do not think I am wrong htere is a lot of activity around here particularly around the beautiful Algarve region. http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=235
  8. Just read that property prices have increased in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia by up to 50% in the last year and that Bulgarian banks are starting to lend more and more, even to foreigners. How long before Bulgaria's property market in the main cities starts to reach saturation point like what started to happen in the UK during 2004? http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=234
  9. Spain is always going to be popular amongst British buyers but the days of low quality builds are fast disappearing. Most buyers would be very sceptical at this low price and quiet rightly so! There must be a catch somewhere. http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=222
  10. Buying a property in Austria is appealing; a member of EU and one of the safest places to live in. Also Austria has first rate health care and low cost schooling, if you happen to have a family. Not forgetting the plenty of beautiful alpine resorts that you can to stay in. The only downside is there are no sea side resorts that can be found in other places such as Spain, France and Bulgaria. http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=221
  11. Interesting views on buying in France. One point that is overlooked are the properties near the main airports. Something to seriously look at if prices do start to go down. http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=220
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