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  1. What do you think of Romania as an investment market. With both Bulgaria and Romania entering the EU under certain conditions, news I have in the market from speaking to Bulgaria today Varna, the locals are still buying and trading property and other goods and services, they are far more active than international buyers. What do people think of the conditions in the short, medium and long term for Romania? Obviously it was tipped as a hot spot (place in the sun etc), but would you put your money in for services and holidays in Romania? Romanian Ski Romanian Golf Romanian Sea Affordable properties and holidays. Hiking and Countryside vacations With more mortgage finance entering the market will this have only one effect of increases prices even further? What do you think of this market? A potential holiday or second home market?
  2. We recommend going to the Free Resource www.chambersandpartners.com it is impartial and the lawyers tend to be excellent. If you are in London, John D Howells of the Law Partnership, or law overseas.com is also a safe pair of hands. A question is if you are buying in the Caribbean surely a lawyer of the bar of the Caribbean place would be a better starting point?
  3. I think from recent information I have seen Spain is one of the worst buy to let markets in the World let alone Europe. High prices of properties, that are coming off thank good ness. Non resident rental tax high Not that many if any interest only mortgages in the market, ie. expensive mortgages. Low rental demand. People can talk it up, but no buy to let in Spain is a real dog market. Then you have running costs, wealth tax etc etc, Really bad BTL market, avoid in my opinion. There are much better deals globally than Spain. Great place to retire though.
  4. I think it depends why and what you are in. And the numbers do they stack up. Other things for non nationals is, do you understand the IRS and the real estate market in the USA with the way they appreciate/depreciate assets. You have if you have investment mind to make money, look at the fiscal angle. What is it going to cost me to borrow, where do you think the market will be, rental yields, depreciating assets. There are some great deals in the US, if you know where to get them, and you know what you are doing.
  5. Sharm you have to be careful with the land registry , most of the properties are leasehold. There is plenty of choice, you have to decide in your mind where you wish to be. Egypt is popular, you can get into Morocco for less than 40k sterling, Cape Verde is getting pricey in terms of flights and property. There are many destinations. If you look hard enough you can get deals pretty much everywhere these days.
  6. In Florida in certain areas you will always get a glut of properties. 2 things to note for 1. Government taxes on non residents 2. Hurricane insurance. Even in bad conditions like now, it is rare that the numbers really add up if you buy to let, buy for holidays and occasional rental yes, or buy perhaps for capital growth maybe in the longer term, but there is so much product in the market, and do the numbers before you consider to buy here. Even though dollar is not strong at moment.
  7. Buyers should speak to their lawyer and speak to the developer they purchased through. As soon as the introduction is done, the developer and lawyer should be able to see buyers through the process.
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