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  1. Hi All, Was thinking of investing overseas for either an investment property or a second home. White beaches seem like a fantastic idea and wondered if someone can share their experiences/views on where to invest ... was looking at Brazil - seems a little cheap yet but not sure whether a good place and where.. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  2. Does anyone have experience with the US property markets. With the dollar being at its weakest, is it worth buying property in the US now or do we see property prices going further down? And if its worth buying, where can we expect good rental income etc? Thanks
  3. Anyone invested in water related invesments or gold? 1) Is water related investments a good decision? Anyone know of good funds etc to invest in? 2) Is this a good time to buy gold? Whats the best way of investing in gold or oil? Thanks
  4. Any ideas on what seems to be the best investment at present. Have looked at property, funds, gold, oil and not sure what seems to be the best idea.... - property: looking at the palm investment in malaysia - funds: used Jupiter but they are performing at the general bank rate - silver/gold/oil: no idea whether these are good investments - Any guidance appreciated....
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