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  1. One of the single mums admits she gets too much in benefits and it's too 'easy'. With 4 kids she says she gets £300 per week. £15,600 per year in hand. To earn that she'd need to earn at least £20k; for a woman with no qualifications and no job experience that simply won't happen. Cameron will have to overhaul the system; the country can't afford it (not just financially, but socially & morally as well). On Question time recently Ian Duncan Smith stated that ALL monies raised from income tax are paid out in benefits. He wasn't questioned so I assume he was accurate.
  2. deelcee, I think you have answered your own question, really. The chances of this development being completed, with utilities & amenities would seem remote. Walk away now you lose £66k plus costs. Complete & you will have a property on a building site that is unlettable, unsellable and an ongoing, open-ended financial burden.(Plus, of course, you'll be another £66k out of pocket). Last year I visited a huge development by Fadesa on the Portugese border - Costa Esuri - which is now a mixture of ghost town & derelict building site. Sounds like yours could go the same way.
  3. Radio

    £ - Euro

    The only thing frames can be certain about is paying £15 for a beer in club in Ibiza - whatever happens to exchange rates !.
  4. According to the Sunday Times Dubai is now Poo-bai. "Human waste from Dubai's 1.3m inhabitants is collected daily from septic tanks and driven by hundreds of tankers to the only sewage treatment plant at Al-Awir. In reality, the effluent is being illegally dumped into storm drains or hidden behind dunes in the desert by tanker drivers unwilling to join the 10 hour queues at the plant. The storm drains run straight into the sea, and the sewage quickly contaminates inshore waters, before washing up on the beaches.".
  5. On Askaboutmoney there is a long thread about Palmela Village; a lot of Irish buyers seem to have been shafted.
  6. If it's based on a "survey of investor sentiment" well, it must be true. You can't get much more in the way of solid facts and careful analysis than 'investor sentiment'.
  7. Interesting first post from tsupert. One could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps he/she has some connection with Fortuna, who's website now merely directs people to the Oanna site. All a far cry from the vaguely promised developments of hotels, golf courses, shopping malls and hypermarkets etc. Fortuna were/are a registered Spanish company so do not come under FSA rules for collective investments, and the reason they haven't been "scooped up" is that they haven't actually committed a crime; they have certainly misled people, but what they actually did was to sell shares in plots of rustic land in the middle of nowhere on the basis they might at some unspecified time in the future be sold on to developers. Having an established office and a landline telephone number means nothing. What it does do is raise the question of how they have been paying their operating costs, when the only money coming in for the last 4 or 5 years has been from investors buying shares ?. Ask yourselves, investors, just where do you think your money has gone ?. Where they may have behaved illegally is that according to a recent poster on the Singing Pig forum the shares they sold weren't actually part of one big plot of land but a number of smaller ones, not even necessarilly adjacent. So does anyone seriously think investors will see any of their original investment back never mind a positive return, at a time when there are a million unsold properties on the Costas and developrs are going under ?.
  8. soldintime, Where do you get that figure of 8 completed golf courses ?. Currently in the south there are: Tsada, Secret Valley, Aphrodite Hills and a nearly completed one close to Paphos airport. Outline pp has been granted for one near Polis - subject to the club sourcing its' own water supply.
  9. So, 6 years after they started selling shares in their first field this is their latest proposal, is it ?. Initially, the sales pitch was that the site would be sold on to a developer. Then they were applying for pp to build a wedding chapel !?!. Last year it was a feasabilty study to decide if the site was suitable for alternative energy production. The web site promised an update by November last year. That is the most uptodate 'news' on their website (which makes no mention of Oanna or retirement homes). . Now, another feasability study into the possibility of building a retirement settlement of "up to" 140 homes; hardly enough to support the proposed medical centre and supermarket. Never mind, assuming you have a car and are still able to drive you will be able to avail yourself of all the facilities you would expect in the nearby 'town' of Zafarraya (pop. 2,400). Retirees like amenities, medical facilities on hand, infrastructure etc. Just how many people will want to buy a retirement home in the middle of nowhere with sweet f.a. to do ?. This is quite apart from the ludicrous prices they would have to achieve to justify the ridiculous valuations they put on these 'plots'. As I've said before, just how have they kept going for this long without selling anything -- other that bits of worthless land to the naive ?. How are they still getting away with it ?. (It is now quite obvious that the earlier posters Scoons & Zoked Out were plants; they haven't posted since January 2006.).
  10. The fact that people are queueing up overnight is a classic sign of a bubble about to burst.
  11. Heard the same; wouldn't doubt it. Same in Morocco. Now Ian Rush (Liverpool star of yesteryear) has put his name to a development in Cyprus. My prsonal view is that a decent development sells on its' merits. If you need 'celebrity' endorsement that is a VERY good reason for steering clear. Have noticed a number of England rugby players lending their names to various promotions, and a famous boxer doing likewise. Alarm bells. They have risked nothing. Rather like TV property "expert" Sc... .....s, using his 'celebrity' status to push his own company.
  12. Breeze49, Interesting (and VERY long tread) ref. Desert Pearl on the Totally Property forum. Looks like a can of worms, or more accurately a can of sand, which you don't actually own.
  13. Jedi, I think you are lucky that the vendor rejected your revised offer. Even at 20% off you would be paying too much in today's market. I read this advice from a seasoned investor, "If you are not embarrassed by your offer, it's too high !".
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