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  1. Reason for no sale could be price or crappy EA. Do your own research, knock on doors and asked people in your area about the EA your using and research other EA's don' just assume they are doing there job !
  2. its prob just a standard term wrote into your AST, i would just get the LL permision to keep the number should you ever move out, as you say he's not going to be bothered so it should not be an issue..............
  3. I love (not) the way they march the EA in to value at the end.......... and bingo "wow! mr x has made 20K profit well done mr x, why do you guys out there watching jump aboard the band wagon!" Utter crap, its not 20 large in your back pocket untill the money's in the bank. 80% of the time you can work out via the program & nethouse prices website IF they have made a profit. I think programs like this one in particular have alot to do with the positive sentiment we have seen in the market over the last 5 years in-particular.
  4. "but purchaser burst into tears when being told..............." female ?
  5. Thanks for the info, i am going to see what energy suppliers the guys using first (don't want to cause a fuss if i don't have to as the LL was flexiable over my border collie).
  6. me too i would love to know where they find these "property experts"
  7. LL want utilities to remain with existing suppliers and this term has been put in the contact. This is not something i have ever thought about to be honest, is it a legally fair term?
  8. $198,000 for a four-bedroom, three-bath house. prob on a 1/4 acre plot. What does £100,000 sterling buy here right now???? yup a 2 bed shoe box in a shit area Wonder what £100,000 sterling will buy in the future.
  9. small fry buying compared to this sell in 2006! 26 Jan 2006 Adam J Applegarth CEO Sell 111,426 957p £1,066,346.82 406,762 (0.10%)
  10. Link http://www.voa.gov.uk/council_tax/cti_home.htm http://www.voa.gov.uk/council_tax/cti_home.htm
  11. I love the fact 99% of motoring joe public dont know what an rs4 (or 6) is.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys, i knew they were crap but this has confirmed they are very crap.... I am gonna take this property off my short list, knowing my luck if i went for it we would have the worst winner in living memory & a elecy bill big enough to potentially cause a brown trouser incident..........
  13. Most don't want to listen.......... and prefer the Sun to the FT
  14. Does anyone have first hand experiance with night storage heaters vs gas cost calculations? I have viewed a lovely potential rental pad, 2 bed 2 reception room barn conversion. Would i be right in working on the basis the electric heaters will be approx twice the price of a gas heating system to run?
  15. Hi, i am busy looking for a place to rent (house sale completes next friday hopefully). Anyways, i have found most LL to be flexable even though the EA advert states no pets, i guess its a box to fill in on the EA's paperwork.
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