About Us

HousePriceCrash.co.uk was born on 26th October 2003. The proud parents were a small group of individuals who were extremely interested in the house price crash subject but could not find a site or portal that was dedicated to this very important issue.

After studying news articles online and researching statistics for months on end, we thought it was about time that one of the potentially biggest economic boom bust events in living memory had a site all of its own where everyone could have their say.

The forum was clearly the most popular part of the site and went from strength to strength until over 10,000 users a day were visiting the site.

Then in April 2006 the site was acquired by Fubra Limited an Internet media company based in Hampshire and they set about developing more content for the site with a view to it being the definitive independent source for house price information and discussion on the web.

Throughout, the aim of the site will remain the same to act as a counterbalance to the huge amounts of positive spin the housing market receives in the main media and provide anyone involved in the market with up to date data and commentary.