Mortgage Approvals

We are now seeing some real declines in mortgage approvals. With the recent credit crunch, financial institutions have tightened their lending criteria and are no longer willing to take such big risks with their mortgage lending.

Source: Bank of England (Table code: LPMVTVX)
Last updated: 30/03/2015
Next update:   01/05/2015

Number of Mortgage Approvals
Official Releases
Feb 1561,76030/03/2015
Jan 1560,78602/03/2015
Dec 1460,27530/01/2015
Nov 1459,02902/01/2015
Oct 1459,42601/12/2014
Sep 1461,26729/10/2014
Aug 1464,21229/09/2014
Jul 1466,56901/09/2014
Jun 1467,19629/07/2014
May 1461,70730/06/2014
Apr 1462,91802/06/2014
Mar 1467,13501/05/2014
Feb 1470,30931/03/2014
Jan 1476,94703/03/2014
Dec 1371,63830/01/2014
Nov 1370,75803/01/2014
Oct 1367,70129/11/2013
Sep 1366,73529/10/2013
Aug 1362,22630/09/2013
Jul 1360,62430/08/2013
Jun 1357,66729/07/2013
May 1358,24201/07/2013
Apr 1353,71031/05/2013
Mar 1353,504N/A
Feb 1351,653N/A
Jan 1354,71901/03/2013
Dec 1255,78530/01/2013
Nov 1254,03604/01/2013
Oct 1252,98229/11/2012
Sep 1250,02429/10/2012
Aug 1247,66501/10/2012
Jul 1247,31230/08/2012
Jun 1244,19230/07/2012
May 1251,09803/07/2012
Apr 1251,82330/05/2012
Mar 1249,86002/05/2012
Feb 1248,98629/03/2012
Jan 1258,72829/02/2012
Dec 1152,93931/01/2012
Nov 1152,85404/01/2012
Oct 1152,74329/11/2011
Sep 1150,96731/10/2011
Aug 1152,41029/09/2011
Jul 1149,23930/08/2011
Jun 1148,42129/07/2011
May 1145,94029/06/2011
Apr 1145,16601/06/2011
Mar 1147,55704/05/2011
Feb 1146,96729/03/2011
Jan 1145,72301/03/2011
Dec 1042,56301/02/2011
Nov 1048,01904/01/2011
Oct 1047,18529/11/2010
Sep 1047,47429/10/2010
Aug 1047,37229/09/2010
Jul 1048,72231/08/2010
Jun 1047,64329/07/2010
May 1049,81529/06/2010
Apr 1049,87102/06/2010
Mar 1048,90104/05/2010
Feb 1047,09429/03/2010
Jan 1048,19801/03/2010
Dec 0959,02301/02/2010
Nov 0960,51804/01/2010
Oct 0957,34530/11/2009
Sep 0956,21529/10/2009
Aug 0952,31729/09/2009
Jul 0950,12301/09/2009
Jun 0947,58429/07/2009
May 0943,41429/06/2009
Apr 0943,20102/06/2009
Mar 0939,23001/05/2009
Feb 0937,93730/03/2009
Jan 0931,00002/03/2009
Dec 0831,00030/01/2009
Nov 0827,00002/01/2009
Oct 0832,00001/12/2008
Sep 0833,00029/10/2008
Aug 0832,00029/09/2008
Jul 0833,00001/09/2008
Jun 0836,00029/07/2008
May 0842,00030/06/2008
Apr 0858,00002/06/2008
Mar 0864,00029/04/2008
Feb 0872,00002/04/2008
Jan 0873,00029/02/2008
Dec 0772,00030/01/2008
Nov 0783,00004/01/2008
Oct 0789,00029/11/2007
Sep 07100,00029/10/2007
Aug 07106,00001/10/2007
Jul 07112,00030/08/2007
Jun 07113,00030/07/2007
May 07113,00029/06/2007
Apr 07109,00031/05/2007
Mar 07114,00002/05/2007
Feb 07120,00029/03/2007
Jan 07121,00001/03/2007
Dec 06115,00030/01/2007
Nov 06131,00004/01/2007
Oct 06129,000N/A
Sep 06124,000N/A
Aug 06118,000N/A
Jul 06117,000N/A
Jun 06119,000N/A
May 06115,000N/A
Apr 06108,000N/A
Mar 06117,000N/A
Feb 06115,000N/A
Jan 06121,000N/A
Dec 05120,000N/A
Nov 05115,000N/A
Oct 05111,000N/A
Sep 05105,000N/A
Aug 05103,000N/A
Jul 0597,000N/A
Jun 0594,000N/A
May 0594,000N/A
Apr 0596,000N/A
Mar 0593,000N/A
Feb 0587,000N/A
Jan 0582,000N/A
Dec 0481,000N/A
Nov 0477,000N/A
Oct 0486,000N/A
Sep 0486,000N/A
Aug 0493,000N/A
Jul 0499,000N/A
Jun 04110,000N/A
May 04121,000N/A
Apr 04120,000N/A
Mar 04124,000N/A
Feb 04127,000N/A
Jan 04127,000N/A
Dec 03131,000N/A
Nov 03134,000N/A
Oct 03129,000N/A
Sep 03130,000N/A
Aug 03121,000N/A
Jul 03114,000N/A
Jun 03107,000N/A
May 03100,000N/A
Apr 03100,000N/A
Mar 0397,000N/A
Feb 03101,000N/A
Jan 03108,000N/A
Dec 02111,000N/A
Nov 02122,000N/A
Oct 02120,000N/A
Sep 02116,000N/A
Aug 02112,000N/A
Jul 02115,000N/A
Jun 02117,000N/A
May 02118,000N/A
Apr 02121,000N/A
Mar 02124,000N/A
Feb 02126,000N/A
Jan 02120,000N/A
Dec 01108,000N/A
Nov 01102,000N/A
Oct 01100,000N/A
Sep 01102,000N/A
Aug 01111,000N/A
Jul 01113,000N/A
Jun 01109,000N/A
May 01107,000N/A
Apr 01105,000N/A
Mar 01103,000N/A
Feb 0199,000N/A
Jan 01100,000N/A
Dec 00101,000N/A
Nov 0095,000N/A
Oct 0092,000N/A
Sep 0094,000N/A
Aug 0088,000N/A
Jul 0089,000N/A
Jun 0093,000N/A
May 0095,000N/A
Apr 0098,000N/A
Mar 0097,000N/A
Feb 0097,000N/A
Jan 0083,000N/A
Dec 9990,000N/A
Nov 9995,000N/A
Oct 9999,000N/A
Sep 9999,000N/A
Aug 9998,000N/A
Jul 9997,000N/A
Jun 9995,000N/A
May 9997,000N/A
Apr 99101,000N/A
Mar 9993,000N/A
Feb 9991,000N/A
Jan 9980,000N/A
Dec 9882,000N/A
Nov 9883,000N/A
Oct 9885,000N/A
Sep 9884,000N/A
Aug 9887,000N/A
Jul 9887,000N/A
Jun 9890,000N/A
May 9886,000N/A
Apr 9886,000N/A
Mar 9888,000N/A
Feb 9892,000N/A
Jan 9885,000N/A
Dec 9786,000N/A
Nov 9787,000N/A
Oct 9782,000N/A
Sep 9790,000N/A
Aug 97103,000N/A
Jul 97103,000N/A
Jun 97105,000N/A
May 97103,000N/A
Apr 97101,000N/A
Mar 97100,000N/A
Feb 9796,000N/A
Jan 97106,000N/A
Dec 96101,000N/A
Nov 96102,000N/A
Oct 96100,000N/A
Sep 9698,000N/A
Aug 9692,000N/A
Jul 9689,000N/A
Jun 9688,000N/A
May 9685,000N/A
Apr 9682,000N/A
Mar 9683,000N/A
Feb 9680,000N/A
Jan 9684,000N/A
Dec 9584,000N/A
Nov 9580,000N/A
Oct 9580,000N/A
Sep 9574,000N/A
Aug 9576,000N/A
Jul 9573,000N/A
Jun 9569,000N/A
May 9571,000N/A
Apr 9575,000N/A
Mar 9575,000N/A
Feb 9580,000N/A
Jan 9579,000N/A
Dec 9487,000N/A
Nov 9482,000N/A
Oct 9481,000N/A
Sep 9483,000N/A
Aug 9478,000N/A
Jul 9480,000N/A
Jun 9484,000N/A
May 9487,000N/A
Apr 9487,000N/A
Mar 9489,000N/A
Feb 9490,000N/A
Jan 9488,000N/A
Dec 9382,000N/A
Nov 9383,000N/A
Oct 9380,000N/A
Sep 9382,000N/A
Aug 9383,000N/A
Jul 9383,000N/A
Jun 9384,000N/A
May 9387,000N/A
Apr 9388,000N/A