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Should Iran continue their nuclear technology right up until the can produce a weapon that could be delivered short rang or continentally. Should a culture that has a leader that is into holocaust denial and who is accused encouraging international terrorism have the Bomb?

Should any non secular country have a weapon of mass destruction? Should such power be in the hands of those who seem to be led by dictators not much regarded by western observers as having no more than the standards of Old Testament despots.

Europe, for better or worse went through a period known as the enlightenment, and put 400 years of religious control behind itself and replaced it with democracy Imperialism and scientific thinking. This was a long process including wars civil and international, racism, economic disasters and until recently 60 years of cold war. A long and hard learning process, but some how we, or some of us have survived.

Fortunately, the timing seemed correct. What would have happened if Henry the Eighth had an atom bomb would there be a hole somewhere in the middle of Rome. Would Latin countries throw one back at us? And so on until self destruct.

To present few parallels and comparing with the Middle East. Have some of the oil rich countries not been part of this history and not having the unpleasant experience as we, underestimating the dangers of even them holding nuclear weapons. Have they short-circuited their natural social evolution.

Should Israel give up it’s weapons of mass destruction voluntarily? Would this lessen the desire of those in the west disapprove to have them. After all the Israelis are good fighters with conventional weapon, proven by the fact that they won a war against all Arab nations in six days and on the seventh day they rested, just the same amount of time that their god made the world.

And finally getting back to Henry the Eighth and Iran. Who liked a bit of beheading eh?

So what with the messy business we find ourselves in Iraq. What shall we do now?

Any takers.

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"Should Israel give up it’s weapons of mass destruction voluntarily? "

No as too many Muslims want them removed from the face of the earth and the very same people call us racists at every opportunity.

Iran is being targeted because it is dumping PetroDollars and yet the BBC says nothing about this and uses the enrichment program as an excuse, but my guess is China and Russia will not let America attack Iran as china needs energy and Russia wants to buy it cheap from the ME and sell it to the west via the new pipelines it’s building all over the place.

The good point about Iran not having Nukes is that GW-Bush could not claim another faked 9-11 involving nukes and blame it on Iran.

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Guest Guy_Montag

I say we stick Bush & Ahmadinejad in a room, or maybe a stadium, with a copy of their chose religious text. Then let them pray for their god to smite the other one. The winner is the last one kneeling. We can then arrange for a martyring for the survivor.

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