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  1. When property was flying of the shelves no one could pay the the legal asking price for a propert in Spain and 10-20% was knocked off the price and paid on the black. Banks and Goverment knew all about this and it was part of the system but now things have turned bad the goverment is screwing everyone over.
  2. Funney you say that. i keep getting the broadband connection prompt poping up every 20 seconds or so and i bet if i looked at the javascript for this page it would have a timer sending information back to a central server. it's getting to the stage where i will build my own proxy server to strip out all this crap and the new style of popups we are getting on sites today, where it disables the page untill you click a button. timer and javascript i bet again.
  3. Well we need more tax to pay for more CCTV's to keep us at bay incase we get tired with MP's ripping us all off. Cons will Taxs us to death and so will Zen-Labour so feel free to vote for the party that will make a difrence and thats the UKIP or BNP as i see it.
  4. Yes but you all forget we have an independant bank or england and they are doing a fantastic job with inflation at 3.5% and IR's at 0.5% and thats if you belive the 3.5% has not been tweaked down. Yep true independance will save the £ and i love sterling................................ silver it could go down to $6 oz but if a call is ever made for the real stuff then it will hit $100oz or more and gives a better return than playing Bingo or scratch cards if you look at the odds.
  5. it's muder i say forcing brown & Co off the life suport machine before they are ready to go home. Can we not just have VAT @ 20%, more stealth fines and more taxes from the public to save them all. Remember charity begins at home.
  6. The pound will not go bang in a few weeks but it will go down against other currencies that are also going down but at a slower pace. Silver has come down a little in $ terms but not if you look at it in £ terms and if you look on eBay and want the real stuff then it comes in at well over £500 per KG Gold/Silver had not endured being the money of kings for the past 5000 years for no reason so i'll stick with history for now and top up if i ever see a dip on the price that makes me think it's cheap. Greese has trouble and accounts for 2.5% of the EU money now can anyone tell me who has a bigger deficit than Greece and is £ denominated ? AAA rating like Enron waz and if $hit realy happens then all that paper silver will be turned to tolet paper.
  7. Whats wrong with this board. main forum has this thread down with zero viewings and my post got stuck at 51 viewings. MOD
  8. But the SHTF 16 months ago when we were hours from a meltdown and still the Cons said sfa and the reson my friend is simple and thats because all member of the 3 main parties are in bed togeather and it's a game of good cop, bad cop as they continue to take bribes for planning permission and so that Tesco's can have more cheap labour let in the country. Gangsters also play Poker you know.
  9. Did you hear the bit about all MP's will be Muslims in a few years time ? Was the BNP or Enoch powel to say half this much then it would be prime time news and what do you think about all the tax money he is spending on his ethnic pet projects around the world. credit to the man he says what he thinks but the states propaganda machine didn't want anyone to know what his dreams were and do remember this is a top goverment minister talking and since zen-labour and the Cons said nothing about it then it's fair to assume they are quite happy to suport the dream for the future of our country. Edit This post had 51 viewings and one post an hour ago and now it's got 51 views and 4 posts !
  10. shahid malik Labour MP that speaks his mind and says it how it is. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZM2SA4QOXw Here he is after fighting for peace. Let this man have his way and property prices in the UK will be no higher than a few £K and rents will be dirt cheap for everyone.
  11. http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/04032009/watch.html These banksters have all our leaders in their back pockets. i call it treason but thats just me.
  12. Yes if only the Con's would gain power we would all be happy, not. All we have is a system where the main parties only argue about who's geting up to put the kettle on or did i miss the bit where camroom demanded justice for Ian Tomlinson and tried to stop cheap immigrant labour flooding the country. Sorry guys but too many here are sucked in and it's a bit like religious scolars arguing over what the stones said whislt all beliving the earth is flat. be funney to read what some here say in a years time with the Cons in and what they will say about more SS style policeing, massaive tax rises and the bins only being emptied once every two weeks cus we all need to go green. wake up and start thinking
  13. But they are above the law if only 3 MP's are being investigated when 100's where caught with their knickers down. Did the BBC forget to mention Ian Tomlinson so you have forgot to think about it or is your mind thursands of miles away in Iran as you contemplate how we should go about bringing them some of our democracy.
  14. Who ever gets in taxes are going up it's what you call MP's wages and with the 3 parties in bed togeather then all they wana talk about is stuff we can not count like health, education but please no more police they are screwing up more then they help and are little better then HMS tax enforcment department with knuckle dusters and CS-Spray. They have you fooled that your only option is to vote for one three pile of $hit put on the menu whilst all saying the grass over the fence is toxic and will kill you well i say lets try it because i can not take much more of their $hit thankyou.
  15. A lot of people are all saying slighty difrent things but the house of cards sure stinks like a tolet don't you think. wot we need is new finanacial tools like banks being held accantable and MP's being investigated for all the bribes they are taking.
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