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Political Change.

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Well done to Tony Blair AND the electorate - They have both called the top in real estate and, probably, the stock market.

There has been a shift in people's psychology - Unhappy voters have turned on Labour, their pessimism will turn HPI negative.

Understand, that people's thinking and perceptions - their outlook - moves markets - fundamentals can put in an absolute top and bottom - but that's all that fundamental analysis will tell you.

2 parallels??? (I believe these dates will mean things to those who follow cycles).

Last major cabinet reshuffle - 1989. Different government - same call. A reshuffle made from FEAR.

Some councils changing hands for the first time since 1971.

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Last time it was due to financial problems this time it seems to be mainly incompetance.........but i suppose the results might be the same

I think you misunderstood?

A cabinet reshuffle / a change in voting will not cause anything. Rather these changes are reflecting a changing social mood. It is this mood that will affect the markets, not who is in charge.

Whoever is in "charge" during good times is usually depicted in a competant way. Not just fiscally competant but in other areas as well. The inverse also being true.

A shift in confidence in government is a symptom of a shift in the confidence in the economy. Overall it is a shift in self confidence that individuals think they will prosper. The decline in willingness to borrow and lend has begun IMHO.

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