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The series aims to highlight the contemporary issues surrounding first-time buyers and document the solution of co-buying as an option of getting on the housing ladder.

WTF is that meant to mean?

Did they go to estate agent school or something??

FTBs don't face "contemporary" issues.

And co-buying is not a solution. :angry: :angry: :angry:

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And co-buying is not a solution. :angry: :angry: :angry:

No, it most certainly isn't. It just gets you half onto the property ladder. It's a stupid quick-fix that's unable to address the inevitable issues arising pout of co-ownership through something other than marriage. If people stopped interfering with the property market by allowing co-buying as a solution, part-ownership, mortgages with guarantors, self-cert where it shouldn't happen and the lending of unrealistic salary multiples there would have been a slowdown and a smaller correction long before now and the now-inevitable disaster that will happen to those who have over-stretched themselves would never have become a certainty.

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The pyramid has simply run out of money. How else are they going to organise first time buyers, into the market at prices where they can't raise the capital?

I think its a last ditch attempt to convince people that house prices at the current level are a given and that they really can't afford a home but still have some interest in participating in the property market.

There can't be that many fools about.

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Ok, let's buy into their magic world of continious 20% annual HPI, say I co-buy either with an equally gullable mug or with the state/banks making up the rest, how am I or we going to progress up the ladder? Say five years down the line we want to go our seperate ways, I now have 50% of the equity growth minus the mortgage and interest, what will this buy me exactly?

I can't go down the ladder because we're already on the bottom rung, only 50% on the bottom rung in fact, am I meant to team up with 4 other people and then buy something bigger? The HPI means the next rung up the ladder is now even further apart, for example a £100k equity gap is now a £200k canyon, and I've only shared 50% of the increase on a smaller figure.

What's the frickin exit strategy? What's the logical conclusion of this race to the bottom? A 60's hippie commune makes more sense than this.

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