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  1. Higher rates for a very short time is good though! Depends whether they spike very high and fall back quickly. That is the ideal, as it wipes out as much dead wood as possible and then treturns to a reasonable level all owing us all to buy at a reasonable price and IR. ********** and G E I.
  2. I've had some light pressure (in the form of stoopid questions). But nothing that'd make me consider buying into housing at these prices. Has anyone seen any advertising sites about recently? i've heard they're all the rage.
  3. I've not seen many new cars about recently, not many 06 plates. I have seen loads of adverts on this site though. Maybe if they show enough adverts on this site they can cause car sales to rise?? We should be told!
  4. I saw threads a while back discussing the relevance of site traffic at HPC in regards to consumer sentiment towards an HPC. As HPC is the first site which pops up on google when you search for 'house price crash' I suspect that there is some correlation. Does the site seem quieter the last few days? There certainly seems to have been less posts during the daytime (work) hours. Any comments/ideas as to why? Could this be that less people are searching for HPC on google, or just that the site has so many ads that it takes three weeks to load the homepage first time round? Have people decamped elsewhere (regulars) or are people still posting at the same rate?
  5. I suggest: FUBAR have until 5pm Friday to get the site back to a reasonable level of ads (I'm sure nobody disagrees with a reasonable level of ads, but not in the posts FFS). If they don't cut some ads out by then we can all decamp to Consa's *** site and carry on as usual.
  6. Somewhere else? I suggest that fubra (or is that fubar?) remove some of the ads by a deadline (end of friday?) or we all go elsewhere. Fubra, you only make money out of ads on the site if people continue posting here and having a good debate. There needs to be a balance between how many ads there are and the usability of the site. At present there are too many ads IMHO to keep the site usable and well laid out. Too many ads is sooner or later going to mean less posters/readers. Its got out of hand. Trying to cover your costs is one things, but trying to profiteer is more obviously your aim.
  7. Bit galling isn't it? I wonder what she would think of me if I borrowed £100K and put it on a horse? Thats the equivalent of what you're doing if you buy into some BTLs without doing your research, or sink money into a small business without a very good plan of how it will turn around. F***KING MORON.
  8. Thats not what it looked like when I got home from work yesterday afternoon - looked like the world was ending
  9. Do you think bubb would create some sub forums on house prices on GEI, maybe we can all bu55er off over there if these ads keep coming? Bubb - are you about?
  10. The blank post is quite enough to make my pi55 boil when combined with all the other blank space on the site due to Ads + adblock.
  11. Aren't house prices high? And while we're on the subject can the f**king fool who though 12 thousand google ads per page was a good idea please consider that I am yet another punter who has posted a fair bit but is willing to leave if this continues - no more posting, no more viewing - nada!
  12. Or you could empty your rubbish every day when you leave for work by stopping at a council car park and putting it in their bins
  13. FTSE up 0.24% now... will it hold? Gold at $568 / £308. Be an interesting day. I expect the FTSE to be fairly flat today, no significant fall or rise. I expect the FTSE to finish within 40 points up or down of where it started.
  14. I tend to agree. Marketing segmentation is quite flaky, phsychological segmentation on the other hand can be quite interesting but only at a fairly high level. As soon as you try and pigeon hole people in too much detail it all falls apart.
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