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  1. I'm not an expert but my understanding is that Coinbase shares have been trading on the secondary market in advance of the IPO which suggests a price of $600 per share. However, as this is on very thin trading volumes, the stock exchange has given the stock a reference starting price for the auction of $250 per share. However during the closed auction phase the price can go up or down. It is only after this auction phase that the general public can actually buy the share and the price will be the closing auction price. During the last 5 direct listings (similar to this one) I think the public price (eg following the auction) was on average 30% higher than the reference price. However in this case as it is the first Crypto to properly list it could be anything from $100 to $1000!
  2. If things stay as they are then the ONLY solution (IMHO) for governments around the world are more printing which means at least two things: 1) House prices (and other assets) are going to keep going up - and there will be lots more inequality in the world 2) Bitcoin will keep rising......
  3. Yep - DCA whenever I can. Do I care if I buy at £40k or £42k if I think it is going to £1m shortly?? I just need more of it before more breaking news comes along and sends the price soaring beyond my reach..... Knowing my luck if I sold expecting the price to come down the FED would announce that it was going to be a core holding for them going forwards...
  4. Thanks for posting the interview and follow up. My reading is that he is referring to this: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nydig-announces-appointment-of-new-york-life-chairman-and-ceo-ted-mathas-to-its-board-of-directors-301244301.html and that the interview was actually recorded between the 3rd - 10th March but only released on the 11th.....So when he says it will be released within the next week it means that it has already on the 10th. Still great news but I'm not expecting any new news if that makes sense!
  5. 😂 On Twitter it looks like the $1400 Stimulus cheques have hit direct to bank accounts so may be sustained buying pressure for a while......
  6. Works great until you hit the Pension lifetime limit which is now frozen for the next few years......
  7. I think it will be MSTR following their $1.05bn bond issue.....
  8. Of course you do need some significant gains for it to be worthwhile from a tax perspective too and you could lose the lot.
  9. This is exactly what I have done except I didn't have any bitcoin to start with so the analysis was easier. As a non techie person the risk / difficulty of dealing with an exchange and wallet was too much so it made sense to use Microstrategy as an effective Bitcoin ETF. Advantages - easy to buy / sell, tax advantages, current premium on stock due to being the only bitcoin ETF, etc Disadvantages - stock related, Company taxes, wider market sentiment etc. Use your SIPP and ISA and don't worry about any Capital gains tax.......
  10. If your Landlord uses one of the online letting agents (like www.lets-rent.co.uk or UPAD etc.) then there is generally no fees anyway apart from a one off referencing fee. I always try to bypass the high street agents as a general rule anyway The on-line ones all use 6 monthly contracts that turn periodic after 6 months which means that you can only have your rent changed once a year anyway. This gets rid of any renewal fees from the agents as well. I sometimes think I would like a longer tenancy agreement but if I was locked in for say 3 years - I worry that my LL would just do nothing eg not fix any problems.
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