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  1. Hi ALL, I am looking for people who have not received their cancellation money back from fadesa to join together to launch a group action legal challenge. I have a lawyer and price for said proceedings in place. please PM me for more details if you are in the same position as me and would be interested in joining forces.
  2. I think its clear that the '2010 plan azur' is now pretty much dead in the water - the 5 new resorts spread around the coast of morocco will not see the light of day after the farce that saidia is turning in to and the now obvious non-show in tanjah. The credit crunch has hit and quite simply the demand has dried up thus the supply will not be arriving....
  3. Soup, you've become alot less positive of late about med saidia, is there any reason in particular you think it will become less successful than you previously thought? RE elections - with the results in, the islamic party came second - i just think very little will change. The king is still the king, he rules all - he'll install a PM who agrees with his vision etc etc.
  4. Whats peoples views on the impact of todays moroccan elections? With widespread belief that the The main opposition, the Islamist Party of Justice and Development (PJD), is expected to do well in the polls. Do you think their involvement in the new parliament will have an effect on the future tourist development of the country or little impact as the king will still rule all?
  5. I agree with you - the 2% a month was a sales ploy. I work on the supply and demand theory every time. Theres still some properties left to be sold. Only when they've all been sold will prices start to rise. How many properties are left is anyones guess but if some still remain unsold once the resorts finished then you are right - prices will be no higher than the price we paid. Tis the risk.....
  6. I ment that AP4&6 are among the 'cheapest' of what is on offer on the resort and to me they look great so all the other (more expensive) properties you mention should be even better!
  7. im literally going red with embarassment for you mate.
  8. surely biglog is missing the whoel point of off plan buying?!? if it was finished and we knew what it looked like the prices would be alot higher! We have decided to trust the artists impressions/scale model etc and go for it. I HAVE been and if the rest of the resort looks like AP4&6 which ARE finished then its gonna be great!
  9. please dont all fall out, (like, you know, properly fall out)....i love these exchanges!
  10. Quite literally 'jesus christ!' - that is such a narrow minded view of the world. Have you seen where cyprus is to palestine/israel? property there is booming. I could go on to mention many around the world - but quite simply this is why we have borders. The fact its near algeria is irelevant.
  11. I think ultimately 3 things need to happen for the resort to become a success: 1. When finished, the resort is as promised to us on the blueprint. 2. Morocco as a whole continues to prosper and reform. 3. All the budget airlines start flying into Oudja airport. If these 3 things happen then whatever other property markets around the world do, med saidia will be a success.
  12. I dont know about everyone else but im just getting bored of waiting - the off plan idea always seemed attractive purely because of the capital appreciation while the resort is being built but now its obvious there isnt much (if any) appreciation and essentially we've had 4 years to wait from when we first purchased !4 YEARS! still - only 2 years to go before we can go on holiday eh!
  13. CAn u tell us what actually happened on this 'beach incident?'
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