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  1. How does anyone feel about property investment in Egypt, im looking at a Resort THE ZAFARANA, most projects look good, nice and cheap:) this offers a 10% rental guarantee which will generate some cashflow. Be nice to hear any opinions . You can take a look at worldwidefrontiers.com .
  2. Hi , If you want i can put you in contact with them direct i have bought with them at there other project , they will be able to arrange a meeting for when you want to go over. My number is 07971695373 Ian
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been informed that the dreamworld have recieved the construction license , prices will be increasing by 25% any day now. Good news for investors who have already bought there, if not and you are thinking about it you still have till end of next week. Any info visit http://www.worldwidefrontiers.com/properti...hgolfresort.asp you will get most info from the site but would be useful to talk to Ian he will be able to help you with your enquiry. Pointers only 12% Deposit on exchange 13% over 3yrs interest free 5yr 10% rental guarantee .
  4. Here is Dreamworlds development El Oasis. After the sucess of Tanjah resort i feel this offers some great incentives for investors. If any of you would like a detailed brochure or full deatils please let me know and i will send you one. For those who would like to visit out site visit http://www.worldwidefrontiers.com. We try to offer more of a service but only our clients can tell us if we are doing that, as all companies preach the same thing. I myself am a property investor and also heavily involved with Wealth creation and self improvement , drop me a email and i will send you some free books that will give you some great ideas and visions for the future. The El Oasis project is sel funding for 2 yrs with all mortgage and other costs paid for you. To be located in the heart of Marrakech can only be a good thing , the growth of Morocco is only going one way. Designed to reflect the historic city of Marrakech, the Resort has been split into three distinctive design styles, the 'Marrakchia', the 'Andaloussia' and the 'Cherkia'. Each of the three design styles reflects the principal design influences found in this beautiful and exciting part of Morocco. The Resort sits between the majestic Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert and is minutes away from the bewitching charms of the ancient Medina and the enchanting Jemaa el Fna. El Oasis de Marrakech is brought to you by Dreamworld and renowned developers, Jet Sakane who have come together to design a truly stunning development at exceptional value. The Resort will enjoy a low build density and beautifully landscaped common areas with swimming pools, Spas health center shopping and commercial areas and ample parking. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure investors benefit from the exciting future of Marrakech. What makes Dreamworld Different? 25% Deposit 75% Loan to value 2 Years interest only mortgages on a 15 year term 2 Years mortgage paid by the developer for the investor 2 Years service charges paid by the developer 2 Years guaranteed net rental income at 3% per annum 2 Weeks free usage per annum (terms and conditions apply) 2 Free plasma televisions fitted with every purchase before 1st June 2007 After the initial 2 years there is an options to renegotiate a rental program for a further 3 years. Dreamworld & Jet Group - A Unique Partnership El Oasis de Marrakech development is the result of a unique partnership between Dreamworld.com Ltd and The Jet Group. The Jet Group are famous in Morocco for delivering outstanding quality developments in the best locations. Today, Jet Group is among the most specialized housing developers and property management companies in Morocco. Additionally Jet Group is recognized as the only quality certified housing developer in Morocco with an 'ISO 9000' licence as well as being the recipient of the Moroccan Kings Award of Excellence in housing. While Dreamworld may be new to many overseas property investors, its guiding concept has been borne out of entrepreneurial expertise and the fusion of different property-related skills and disciplines. The dream of Dreamworld's founders was to find a better way. The years of experience in investment, sales, marketing and legal within the group have ensured that the dream becomes reality. The initial plan was, and always will be, to offer the UK and international market, signature developments, i.e. the best properties in the best locations at the best conceivable price. By streamlining the process and cutting out the middleman, Dreamworld is able to offer stunning properties at the price that they should have been all along. With industry-leading payment plans and flexible payment methods, Dreamworld is opening the door to buying the property you want, not merely the property you thought you could afford
  5. Thanks for the vote of confidence guys! The resort is called Tanjah golf and beach , not the other two that where mentioned, i havent seen those resorts ,will take a look . I found that all resorts in Morocco where 40% down which sort of put me off, but the resort i went with was only 12% now and 13% over 3 yrs which worked well.also there is a 5yr 10% rental guartentee which was great. So how you guys getting on with any investments any hidden treasures out there.
  6. Well thankyou for your kind words, but im far from it, i am a a caterer from bridport , dorset.Sorry if i wasnt the brightest at school . Why is it really hard to to put something honest but get slated for your actions . I am new tyo investing so thought this would be a good idea but looks like i have been mistaken.
  7. I would also like to mention that phase 2 is 25% higher due to all the licenses being granted, so to gain this instant return is a great incentive, i suppose this has something with the resort nearly being sold out.
  8. I have invested in the Tanjah golf and beach resort, has anyone invested here also , be good to get opinions etc. For other investors who have looked into morocco you might have come accross this resort, i didnt go ahead until planning was granted in december ,but i know alot of investors got involved before which is a bit mad if you ask me. I went though a company www.worldwidefrontiers.com , provided with the facts and had a lot of knowledge with the market. I had some issues with some other forums etc some bad press etc but after looking deeper and got the true infomation , it was a no brainer. If anyone was thining of investing overseas i would have a serious look at this , very attractive, be good to get more feedback also. Thanks
  9. Hi. I been trading fx about 3 yrs now, . Is there others who have any success or even having problems, i am building a commuinty of fx traders to either share experiences or to help others get on the right track .
  10. Hi Im a new member , seems like a good forum for info . I have being buying mainly in dubai, there is a mixed view , but in my opinion its a great place to invest, its not like its not on the map yet it is already established, there is issues about one side being rich and the other poor , but you find that in alot of places , i feel that you are never going to get everyone thinking on the same page, so my advice is do your own research and make yor own mind up and dont listen to anyone else. I am about to buy in morroco ,looks like a great place , excited about it. I buy my property from one company www.worldwidefrontiers.com , have a great relationship with them , very professional, great deals, they offer more than just property they have a section about wealth creation, even if property is not your thing at the moment you should look what knowledge they offer , its all free, some of the books are free as well, so buying doing this service to helps offers gave me the confidence to buy from them. All the best
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