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  1. I agree with pipllman, but I fear the case of Andrew Panayi is a direct result of London's rising property prices. I appreciate this does not help anyone forced to rent in London, but the only way to stop people like Mr P is to use a letting agency that is not only a member of ARLA but has developed a good local reputation. Property prices that are beyond the reach of working Londoners on salaries below £35,000 (and the rest, I hear you say) will remain a problem for years to come. Renting is already becoming the new norm in London and as rental prices rise, tenants will be forced to live further away from the centre of the city. Any radical solution would drive out the overseas investors who keep London's economy afloat. I guess it is time to look at rental prices, rather than sold values as a barometer of the London property market.
  2. Agentimmo might consider London to be skanky, but his (or her) opinion isn't shared by its ever-growing population. And this is my point, when an area is growing, places to live are in demand. When demand for accommodation is high, house prices will not fall. It may be hard to swallow, but anybody unable to afford a house in London today is unlikely to be able to pick up a bargain property tomorrow. The best advice I can offer is: Rent in zone 6 and use the savings to enjoy the best the West End has to offer.

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