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  1. Thanks for your answers. And no, not an EA...I drive trains, lol.
  2. On the graph on the homepage, it shows that house prices are now below the long term average. So, why are houses overpriced? (by the way I'm all for house prices to drop / crash, but feeling the urge more and more to just bite the bullet and buy somewhere, even without a fantastic deposit)
  3. Whilst there's something I find quite appealing about these, or something like http://www.ecohab.co.uk/ you're right....they're too friggin' expensive.
  4. did anyone else see this in Monday's Independent? Sorry if it's been posted already. http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/mary-ann-sieghart/mary-ann-sieghart-house-prices-are-finally-falling-good-2053554.html
  5. Excuse my ignorance, but... If house prices crash in "real" terms but not "nominal" terms, is that a reason NOT to buy a house? (I'm talking about HOME not INVESTMENT). Personally I'm looking for nominal falls so I don't need a rediculous multiple of my income for something that isn't a shoebox. If a house falls in real terms, but stays the same nominal value, it'd surely be better for me to buy it now whilst interest rates are low and I can get a good fixed rate. I'm expecting nominal values to drop...
  6. In August 2008 GM stated that the Volt would be available for sale in Europe in 2011 (Sold as the Vauxhall/Opel Ampero) In the UK market the indicated price is around GB£20,000 Personally I expect it'll be nearer the £25k mark, but who knows. I don't expect it'll be anywhere near $40k = £40k. They wont sell any.
  7. has found a house to rent, dog allowed too! My only gripe, LAME broadband speed, under 1meg!!

  8. The whole, "No Pets" thing is really starting to p1$$ me off!! Mainly because we're looking for a new place to rent (current landlord has sold the house we're in) There's quite a few places we like, but over half of them...no pets!! In fact one said, they're ok with cats, but not dogs. They'd just had the place redecorated, new carpets and laminate etc. I just thought, "tw@t". Cats have claws like blades, they scratch way worse than dogs, and they crap indoors!!!! I have a colleague who has about 10 BTL properties. He said he's never stopped anyone with pets living in his places. At the
  9. Oh there's plenty for sale AND rent up round my way. The "For Sale" board completely puts me off wanting to rent em! Looks quite nice in there now with a new kitchen and bathroom. Doubt they've spent £60k on it though! lol.
  10. Not totally surprised this. Some woman from the Halifax did say in the Daily Express on Monday (in the house prices set to soar article) that there'd be "more good news for home owners" No doubt this will be all over the front pages tomorrow. Ignore the "bad" and announce the "good" when it comes to house prices. Though their views are backwards. A rise in prices is BAD not good! :angry:
  11. I see the Daily Bull5h1t has the front page story tomorrow, saying that British Pensions will be slashed in half. No doubt somewhere in the article it'll say it doesn't matter, as soaring house prices will cover the loses...
  12. Considering someone from Halifax said there'd be more good news for homeowners in the Daily Bulls**t article, it makes me wonder whether the figures will be negative again this week...
  13. I think what you read in the Daily Sport has more truth that The Daily Express/Star. Absolute b******s Lots of supply of houses on the market. Shortage of rentals as people don't want to buy. 'Nuff said!
  14. Ghastly!! You'd end up spending another 13 million decorating it!
  15. I thought it was blatantly obvious it's a Chocolate lake!!!
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