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  1. Sorry, you are simply a liar.... Now please delete my poem "If" from your website... the copyright is mine. [Moderator: That was your last post on this forum!]
  2. Wrong on three counts.... 1. I only have two identities... not three... A Justanewbie .. for serious comment.... B VickyPollard ... for a bit of a laugh 2. I have nothing whatsoever to do with property development. though I did STR and BTL for a spell, but have now sold again and put the money in the stock market 3. I am not a VI, as I genuinely believe there will be a crash .... but it has dragged on far longer than I could have believed possible. Now, I await your apology for your inaccurate accusation. Thank you [Moderator: Three ID's actually. Justanewbie, VickyPollard, DeBubbler]
  3. Of course, this comment ... and the fact that my avatars have been sabotaged .... is nothing whatsoever to do with my comment about Dr Bubb..... is it ? [Moderator: No, it's to do with your multiple ID's, please read the forum rules]
  4. I like to hear the gloom and doom merchants.... it is music to my ears. "Global crash.... yen carry mayhem..... sub-prime meltdown.... unwinding commodity positions..... currency dependency crash....." All this is marvellous stuff, for as Warren Buffet advises ... "Buy from pessimists.... sell to optimists.." So, at a time of horrific pessimism..... buy, buy buy. As Baron de Rothschild said .. "When blood is on the streets, buy property." So.... bring on the misery .. crank up the hopelessness... and sell me your shares ..
  5. In the latest prospectus from Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet gives away his most precious and fundamental secret.... the foundation of all his profit. With hushed awe, an academically inclined interviewer waited with bated breath, pen poised, mouth open for the cataclysmic revelation ........ and heard..... "Er.... we try to buy stocks cheaply...."
  6. These unprofessional companies are simply not worth working for. Any company which despises its staff and treats them with such contempt deserves to go out of business quickly. Sadly, many "workers" will accept such conditions. Good luck to them.
  7. Looks like a rebound. Could be a sucker's rally, but personally I doubt it. http://quote.yahoo.com/m2?u
  8. Just out of sheer interest...... how long did you hold your shares for ?
  9. All I can add, is .. bllrrtttffpphh ..... (Excuse me while I change my shirt.)
  10. Here, we enter the territory of value and price. If I knew that a £5 stock share would be worth £10 in a month's time... I would be willing to pay, say, anything up to £9, in order to buy the share which had a current "price" of £5. I would bid above other buyers to get it, despite the "price". In effect, this is what the Stock Market is all about -- paying someone more than they paid, in the hope of future gain. Intrinsically, the share has an arbitrary value..... but if that arbitrary value will double (in comparison to other things which will stay *relatively* stable in value) then its "barter-value" becomes greater. Its barter-value is the potential of the Company to perform better than average. Gold, as traded, is merely an object with a certain potential barter-value. Its value is more complex, however, because of its past status and its present place as a pseudo currency. N'est-ce pas ?
  11. What does it say about someone that they can write "boiiinnggg..." at 2 o' clock in the morning ? Are you on night shift as well, ca-uk ?
  12. http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=^AORD&d=t Australian stock market up 0.25% S Korea now, as well .... http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=^KS11&d=t Now, the Nik, too ... http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=^N225&d=t
  13. "BOINNGGGGGGGGGG" said Zebedee. "Oh !", said Florence. "I think I missed that", thought Dougal.
  14. ===================================================================== In fact, market corrections are a good and necessary thing. The market becomes more stable, less twitchy, less volatile, with a stronger foundation. As with the Stock Market correction, China is already stabilising - a Govt announcement, and a small uptrend showing an increased stability will attract investment. A correction is when prices adjust to true value - always a good thing .
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