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  1. I have a praticular desire to see the BTL's suffer. My last house was a period terrace in a lovely street in the centre of Leamington Spa. That was until a developer bought the workshop at the end of the road and converted it into 8 terraced houses. Great, we thought, as the workshop was pretty run down. However, all 8 houses were sold to BTL's who promptly filled them with students. Completely destroyed the street, and probably cost me £10K when I sold up earlier this year. Anyways, what goes around, comes around. I hope they enjoy the rising mortgages, falling rents and tracking the 'value' of their investment.
  2. Found this site 3 days ago during a quiet night shift and I absolutely love it. I can't get enough. My situation is that I bought a house with my wife, then girlfriend, in 2006. This was having come to the conclusion that the house price rises I had predicted to halt in 2005, was a few years away. I recognised the signs of a crash at the end of 2007, a bit late, but fortunately not too late. We managed to sell up May 2008 for what we paid in 2006, by no means a disaster. In fact I thank my lucky stars on a daily basis. Now I'm sitting in a rented house with a job that is about as recession proof as they come, watching the carnage unfold.
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