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  1. So now would probably be a good time to buy then? Bottom of the market and all that?
  2. I am just after some opinions. I have seen a property I am interested in but some people are saying about certain folk talking down the housing market. What do you think, rise or fall.. say next 3 months?
  3. Just a straw poll. Do you guys think the value of house prices will rise or fall over the next couple of months?
  4. There are some interesting points about house prices in differnt areas, people selling, buying, developers views. estate agents and this............."THERE WILL BE NO HOUSE PRICE CRASH! It's not because houses are priced too high that they're not shifting, simply because there aren't enough mortgages available. DON'T anyone lower your house price any more. Ten per cent is more than enough. Estate agents (and speculators) are trying to push prices down just so they can force some kind of turnover rather than none at all but their tactic isn't working. Any buyer waiting for a crash or any further reduction will be disappointed because pretty soon the govt will have to force the banks it now part owns to lend money in higher quantities nationwide across the entire price range or they won't have any income. Loans and savings are the two reasons for banks - and only one of those generates profit for them. If they don't lend money they're out of business and the taxpayer loses his/her investment for good. I know we're all desperate to sell faster but reducing the price can't and won't help, despite what the biased, out-of-date and over-hyped indices tell us ad nauseum. HANG IN THERE - our time will come much sooner than you may think! Houses, combined with their specific location, are and will always be an extremely valuable and aspirational asset. Anyone who doesn't appreciate that really doesn't deserve to own one - and probably never will." co*k
  5. http://anmblog.typepad.com/this_is_money_b...-happening.html This link from This is money shoes the opinions of Vendors, buyers, estate agents etc. It seems to be a wealth of anecdotal evidence of how people view the current market. http://anmblog.typepad.com/this_is_money_b...-happening.html
  6. Troll of the highest order! Do not listen to this posters tripe.

  7. Agreed. Happend again on a post I commented on! Exactly as you said

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