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  1. It wasn't lack of regulation, i.e. too few laws and government bureaucrats dictating to business, that got us into this mess.
  2. I got one of these Chinese mortgages. It was pretty good, but an hour later I wanted another one.
  3. Basically, the Muslims have the right idea.
  4. Those lovely young ladies would never marry you, bring all their family over here, suck your assets dry (and not in a good way) and then divorce you as soon as they get a passport, right?
  5. And it's all headed up by this guy in his white Fiat Uno:
  6. I'm surprised they didn't also want a urine sample, DNA test, and the right of jus primae noctis. I'm a renter and didn't mind letting my landlord have a look at my bank statement to see that I'm not a deadbeat, but would never dream of going to the hassle of providing guarantors, character references and the like. A landlord who demands that sort of detail also sounds like the kind of person who'd be spying on their tenants.
  7. +1 The vandalism being done to our economy by the criminal gang that is the present government is classic scorched earth tactics. There is absolutely no way that the next Conservative administration will be able to avoid massive spending cuts, huge layoffs in the public sector, and sharp interest rate rises to curb the inevitable inflation which will follow recent monetary policies. The alternative is that Britain becomes a colder version of Zimbabwe. The only way houses will retain anything like 2007 values in the years ahead will be if we're all millionaires anyway thanks to hyperinflation.
  8. Multiple governments within a country would have the same effect as multiple tumours in one body. Government IS the problem.
  9. I'm sure the state media in Romania were singing the praises of Nicolae CeauÅŸescu right on up till the moment he and his harpie wife were dragged out and shot.
  10. It's amazing how financially naive people, especially young people, are in this country. Maybe if our rotten, useless state educational system gave youngsters a few classes on debt and money management it would help stop these people from having to learn through painful experience.
  11. The government can no more keep house prices up than they could keep Britain in the ERM. You can only defy financial gravity for so long. We're heading into a period of massive unemployment and prices will fall much further than they have already.
  12. You know what REALLY gets my goat? A goatherder.
  13. Also, all foreign "aid", which is our corrupt government giving money it stole from British taxpayers to other corrupt governments, should be immediately scrapped.
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