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  1. York College is brand new and one of the shoddiest buildings ever built (they have expansion joints running through doors!). Most of the staff are grand though blah blah.
  2. My line is "personally I wouldn't buy but it's your money" and leave it at that. I got all the "why don't you just buy a house what are you messing around at". Funny how no-one talks about their house prices any more. An unspoken "I told you so" is enough. Sod em, I tried.
  3. makes a change from the years of 'optimism porn' we've had, depending upon how you look at it. i see this site as hardcore realism porn.
  4. I commented: You forgot CONSTANT 'property porn' on tv, presented by half-baked muppets and backed by the overall media hyping up the situation for the benefit of the advertisers and vested interests. These issues prob inflated prices a bit too.
  5. Hi all. really lazy this but is there a list/website somewhere that lists when all the forthcoming scheduled 'important meetings' are taking place, not just our BOE interest rate decisions (on here i know) but when the G20 and G8 meetings are due, when the Fed meets are, etc etc that kind of thing. cheers nathan
  6. Did they mention how many digits followed the 6?
  7. Did he do this when in the UK or the US, or both? are the procedures different over there etc etc
  8. Yeah, the agents representing my landlord/s (never met the actual owners etc) sent a letter saying there's an increase. not if and when but that there is one. I live bang in the middle of York and there are a dozen other flats. think they paid but to be fair the agents put the rent up during void periods so the new folk are non the wiser overall. I'll let you imagine my response. needless to say, my rent has stayed the same.
  9. hiya, yeah i'm interested here as to the debt trap overall. a mate of mine (a lawyer and a BTL landlord though pretty geared etc etc) reckons new legislation is being introduced (some of it already approved but lots more in the pipeline) that will pretty much wipe the slate clean of 'peoples' debt. basically "people will declare themselves bankrupt etc and all's well, back to normal, the moneys simply not there for us to earn to be able to repay it". wish i'd have borrowed TONS now instead of saving like an idiot
  10. but, they wouldn't necessarily have to pass on the very low interest rates should they get them?
  11. (nobody makes money in a stagnant market, too much greed around for that i reckon).
  12. Yeah, i'm thinking they'll suspend trading soon with levels of fear like this surely? Personally, i think we're near the bottom (not AT the bottom maybe) but near enough though hindsight's a wonderful thing. I went long a little too early though and it's no suprise that i'm saying this. Pure gambling. Having said that, the daily fluctuations can be (and have been) enormous, which is what i guess everyone relies on. When the FTSE sank through 4000 to around 3800 a fortnight ago, 2 days later it was back up to near the 4600 mark. "be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful". I forgot that for a moment and nowadays duly attend to singed fingers.
  13. that's possible of course, but, looking at the last year or so especially, i think it's possible there'll be huge swings of thousands of points, certainly hundreds. a rocky road and then some
  14. Look at this attached graph from 2004, that's some fall. Jesus. (click the graph to enlarge)
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