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  1. Not posted for a long time but i just had to respond to this thread. I am unlucky enough to live in oldump and i can confirm that prices have not risen at all in the last 2 years but by the same measure they have not really fallen either, it pretty much is a stagnant market. The only place where ASKING prices have gone up are the saddleworth area (probably the only decentish part of oldham) but prices there have been absolutley crackers for the last 5/6 years now (200k 2/3 bed semi!!!!)The thing is that i check the prices on a weekly basis in that area and the same properties sit week in wee
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses/views. I know that aus has it's problems too and the grass always appears greener but i simply feel as trevor werewolf posted that i am merely existing in the uk and not actually living. The future appears to consist of rainy, grey 10/12 hour days and the evenings consisting of a diet of crap reality tv followed by a 30 minute dose of depression called eastenders (if it wasn't for the daft gangster storylines i think it gives an accurate portrayal of modern uk "life" everyone seems to be p1ssed off) and no amount of sh1t that the tv tries to coerce you to bu
  3. Set your pension fund up to mature in 2008/9 after the crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. mercsl Have been looking at adelaide, off to live in the burbs. Don't fancy city living don't like any cities in the uk i have always liked being out in the sticks (to a certain degree!) i am not going to live in the bush. I have been checking out the hp's on ljhooker.com and realestate.aus and am looking in the region of300k aus dollars and there seems to be loads but i won't know until i get there these houses could be in the middle of a chav estate! But when you look at what your money buys you there and what you get here there really is no comparison.
  5. Cheers abb. I know aus has suffered with hpi just like the uk but it is coming off the boil now and with the proceeds from my house sale i could buy a 4/5 bed house with pool and have virtually no mortgage! plus it will take around 12 months for my application to go through so i hope there will be further falls in the meantime! But i am not considering going just for a bigger house, it just seems that everything is wrong in the uk right now, hpi (of course) education system in a shambles, tax rises soon are going to hit hard, chavs,violence exploding on the streets, pc government, everyone s
  6. First of all hello again to all the hpc regulars, i have been coming to the site on and off for the last few months but just could not be bothered posting anymore but have been kept up to date with all the relevant hpc info from all the old timers on the site, cheers for the postings people without a regular dose of hpc every now and again i feel i would have crumbled under the massive weight of the vi propaganda machine and bought a scrubby semi by now. Anyway a quick update in my neck of the woods saddleworth/oldham (sh1thole) area. NOTHING is selling! in particular saddleworth has come to
  7. Added my view. I will be amazed if they put it on their site. (They never do)
  8. I can well believe this, the wifes father is on 45k a year (house paid off/company car etc) and he is always skint/overdraw on his cc's. Goes to show you the more you earn the more you spend!
  9. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments fred. The uk is on a rapid downward spiral and there is no chance for mr average who simply wants to own a 3 bed semi with a garden to bring up his family in peace, I long for the days when i took no intrest in economics or hung on every word that came from the board members of the mpc for any sign of an ir rise, I do not want to trawl the web looking for more hpc tit bits to satisfy my craving for hpc news or to scan the ea websites and curse the derisory prices that greedy vendors want for their 3 bed shoeboxes, i just want to live in peace and ha
  10. I am afraid the point is until we see house prices set to fall headlines on the front of the sun no one will believe in the hpc as most of the uk population does not read about economics on the web, they simply believe the tripe printed in the daily rag.
  11. oh crap, try google and type in- living in england is a rip off. Sorry I hate computers! yeah got to go back and browse the site for any more insightfull, economic ahemm information!
  12. it seems the sun is waking up to the idea that people are struggling. Sorry don't know how to do a link to it, just go to the sun.co.uk and the article is their along with a facility to post your views. Go for it, if the "uk's biggest selling daily" gets in on the idea that people are struggling we may get some bearish articles in the news.
  13. Nice one webmaster. ********** filled the empty space while hpc was down but this is the place to be!
  14. No Muggy Bear, it is rubbish isn't it? You simply get to the stage where you think is it worth it? all this rushing around/stress/hassle/missing out on watching your kids grow up, all for a few quid a month extra for grabber gordon to squeeze a bit more tax out of. Well we are not playing the game anymore, family is more important. That is a fair point gen x. The problem being is hard working families having the mum forced back to work as they cannot survive any other way, it's only after a couple of months when you tot your finances up that you realise you are working effectivley for nothi
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