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Reviewed by Webmaster:

This book bridges the gap between a meaty economics book and a book that is easy to read for those those that are interested in the subject but don't have a PHd in Economics. The book cover the whole history of bubbles and investigate what can be done to prevent them.

Calverley proposes that an an asset bubble committee should be set up to independently look at markets and assess whether or not they are showing bubble characteristics. This would be communicated to the public by means of a traffic light graphic along with regular reports. I think this would be a great step forward but it would take time for a committee such as this to be given any substantial credability with a few predicted booms and busts unders its belt before being taken seriously by all concerned.

If this committee was up and running already then I think the UK housing market would have been on red for some time already!

Reviewed by Webmaster:

What strikes me about this book is the fact that Fred Harrison has gone to such great lengths with his research. He has obviously left no stone unturned and although he can get carried away in some chapters it just goes to show that here is a chap who has a passion about this subject.

Fred predicts that there will be a depression in 2010. Aswell as explaining why this will be the case he also discusses past events in detail including the last major recession in the UK, which incidentally he predicted correctly aswell!

With a recommended retail price of £25 this one's a bit steep but rest assured that there's no other book like it and the insight is invaluable.

Reviewed by Malasco:

Don't worry, although it's written by a major economist it is a very good read "Lively and highly readable - Financial Times'.

Although this is not about houses, it gives an excellent insight in how everyone from Joe Public to the highest institutions can have their common sense blinded by the greed that exists within a bubble and how even just before the Great Crash in 1929, the Government and all the major financial institutions refused to recognise the reality of what was happening to the American economy.

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