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Bbc "i Want It Now"

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I Want It Now - BBC One
Tue 30 May, 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm 30mins
Chris and Helen Dunn are about to buy a holiday home in rural France. It's a massive investment, and the couple are going to re-mortgage their four-bedroomed family home in Suffolk

Did anyone just see this programme? OMFG!

This was ramping on a whole new level, they did all they could to dissuade people from buying abroad, they did some sums on a property in France and worked out it would make a £11,000 a year loss each year, or a £110,000 loss over a decade (yes, we live in a world without inflation or indexing). They said that Spain was basically full of unscruplous crooks, don't buy there (!). The fact French regulations prevent you from leveraging into neg-equity or above 1/3 of your monthly salary was also touted as a "disadvantage". Then they pulled a blinder, if they instead used to the £30k deposit to buy two BTL's in England they make £6600 a year, just like that. See, £11k loss or £6k profit? get it thicko? Buy in the UK and keep away from the frogs and crafty Spaniards!

So there you have it folks, if you want to be happy don't buy abroad, but prop-up invest in the UK property market.

This the BBC.

Opps, see this thread

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