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Thought This Was A Joke Article

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Sierra Leone comes out of the economic shadows

YOU cannot say that here in the Sunday Independent Property section we are not on the look-out for good housing investment opportunities for Irish developers, and no stone will be left unturned in the search for that dream investment bolthole for our readers.

Scouring the economic pages, we came upon one to watch for the future, namely Sierra Leone. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Why would anyone invest in war torn Sierra Leone, I hear you cry?

Okay, maybe not right now but keep an eye out for the future. No one disputes that the civil war in Sierra Leone caused tremendous damage to the economic and social infrastructure, and inflicted extensive suffering on the population.

More than 2m people, nearly half of the population, were displaced. However there is now comparable peace - of a sort - and the returning refugees need homes.

Granted their current housing needs are somewhat different from ours with timber, fence sticks, firewood etc taking priority, but it highlights the need for the reforestation of areas which are being heavily depleted in close proximity to the current camps. In addition, the normal annual increases in housing units due to normal population increases should be accounted for, in terms of demand for construction material.

Irish developers would do well to keep an eye on this most ravaged of countries - there may soon be opportunities to help in its reconstruction

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It's the perfect marriage for the Independent -- socially conscious hand-wringing about the horrors of the Third World combined with a canny eye for making a quick pound from property.

The fact that it's a totally mad idea says volumes about this santimonious sh#trag of a newspaper....

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