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Effect On Us Economy

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End addiction to oil says bush. The best way to break this addiction is through technology," he said, pledging to seek a 22% increase in funding for clean energy research, including nuclear and renewable energy.

This is the sort of boost of industry and internal markets that the UK needs to also do to avert a disaster in the economy. (However emphasis is bound to be on nuclear I think)

Will this keep the US economy going?

In the UK would a similar increase in funding (Out of tax money I assume) be good or bad for house prices?

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I'm not just being cynical when I remind everyone in Bush's state of the union address before the Iraqi war he declared "America needs to reduce its dependence on foreign oil" I seem to remember him even mentioning hydrogen fuel cells.

I think this is just to avert the "it's a war for oil" as masses of US bombers start landing in Iraqi bases simply to put huge pressure on the Iranians.

The republican party may engineer a very nasty situation with Iran in time for the next elections, as the US public sees the republicans more apt to fight a war.

This is one of the main reasons for their aggressive foreign policy.

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