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The Whig Party

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A new Facebook group with a growing following appears to have an exceptionally long history.

Under “life events”, its homepage reads: “Founded: 1678”. Almost three and a half centuries later, the Whig Party is enjoying an unlikely revival in the digital age thanks to the frustrations of a former army intelligence officer with a history A-level.

Waleed Ghani announced this week that he will run for election near his south London home after officially registering the Whig Party with the Electoral Commission. The business consultant, who grew up in Manchester, believes that the party of Walpole and Grey, which battled the Tories for decades, can fill a vacuum he sees in modern British politics.

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From wikipedia

The term Whig was originally short for "whiggamor", a term meaning "cattle driver" used to describe western Scots who came to Leith for corn.

Good luck to them if they're an honest party with integrity but what relevance the name of Whig has to politics in 2014 is a bit of a puzzle - apart from being a publicity gimmick (maybe). They should at least clarify that.

If they have some policies that they think might gain significant support then why not include the core policies in the name so that people are informed about what they're about.

Otherwise a name like the Whig Party is just another meaningless name along with the LiberalDemocrats, the Labour and the Conservatives names with policies that chop and change just to suit the prevailing circumstances and once in government are almost identical.

No offence intended but even the name of the Monster Raving Loony Party is more informative.

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. Mångfald
Diversity makes Britain great, and it makes Britain strong. We celebrate the fact that so many people choose to make their homes here and contribute to our national life, because the widest range of inputs are essential to deliver the best outcomes

. Love of country

We are proud of the institutions that we have built together and that we share – like the NHS and the BBC – and which set this country apart. We believe in investing in them for our future..

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