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Landlady Might Keep Deposit - What Can I Do?

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I've sued in the small claims court a number of times. Its very easy. DO IT. If she contests it she has to appear in court. Very few people bother to do so (even if they are in the right). Most just pay up. If you win and she doesn't pay then go for an enforcement order - again very very easy. She will then have a CCJ and world of sh1t to contend with. The 400 notes is the easy option for her.

And when you sue a landlord, at least you know where they keep one of their largest assets!

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Well the latest update is .... nothing. Just counting the hours till I move out, at the same time haven't had a single conversation with her or missive from her.

So maybe it'll just go the last day and she'll pay up, after all I have threatened court.

Kinda nice, I like the quietness of it all since this has happened :D

Regarding the boomer comment - no she ain't a boomer but I believe she got help buying this house and according to LR it was purchased a few years ago, or maybe it used to be her parents. I don't know never asked the whole history. Despite not buying it at 2007 insane prices it still seems she is living on the breadline even with 2 lodgers, and I doubt she has spent it she is as thrifty and unfashionable as they come. Weird if you ask me.

Maybe lodging can be good if [a] you are young you don't 'officially' change your address - keep it as your parents or something and [c] you don't have much stuff so you can move out quick - one carload and yer off. It does seem to be cheaper than the equivalent shared house situation, maybe because of the tax benefit to the landlord and the fact it doesn't have to be a full business proposition like BTL just a bit of extra cash for people.

Good comments peeps :P

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