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  1. Can you see the pitch from the Penthouse Watchtower then I have had similar thoughts myself but am guessing that only letting it out every fortnight though would not generate a lot of income. Any way at least we have another year of premiership footie.
  2. That penthouse is hideous! I think it looks like some watch tower in Israel ready to shoot anyone that dare escape from Paper Mill Yard.
  3. Hi Matt, hope the move has gone well, get hooked up soon and back on here.
  4. Do you think i would get an invite to the Christmas party! some of the girls seem quite fit
  5. OMG!! truly shocking, i feel for who ever has to live with that. I like the one with the canoe stuck in a hall way. Good on them that they have got together, unity is strength in issues as this, i would refuse to pay the annual maintenance charge now as shitty living has gone belly up.
  6. Wow,things must be bad if you are prepared to go that far.I wonder who they complain to now Shitty Living has gone to the wall?
  7. It happened!!! we can see dead people!!!
  8. Hi Matt, only 60 sold out of 180! lets watch as the administrators try to sell the flats to pay creditors,should be interesting. I really could do with a flat in Norwich, it would give me a break weekends and monday a half hour head start to Peterborough mortgage finishes next year but am now self employed and 50 so think even with a deposit i may not get a lender.
  9. Hi guys,not a suprise to hear about Shitty living Developments,think this had to happen it had been know in the building trade for some time they were in difficulties,not paying bills etc.I know that they traded under different names and the Ipswich division went pop last year. My friend has to go back to Paper mill now and then for plumbing problems,he says most are renters, renting off the BTL`ers, most dont stay long and as i understand it around 60 are still for sale out of 180 that were built. When the company i worked for went tits up last year the administrators had a sale of plant etc,sold i think really cheap, i got my van at a huge discount.Now, will we see flats up for sale at a huge discount then?
  10. Am working with a guy who was on the Paper Pill yard build.He is a time served Plumber but says there are huge drainage issues with the down stair flats. Apparently the contractors used lots of cheap agency labour and the workmanship is bad. Where the sink waste pushes into the vertical stack it hasbeen pushed horizontaly into its boss all the way through to the back side of the 4" riser causing a blockage on falling waste backing up the stack, yuck! Who was the developer- Shitty Living developments! sorry City Living developmnents...The ones who have gone bust on the Ipswich docks thing.
  11. Dam it, just typed a long reply and its gone..will do it again if its lost..
  12. Ok, just dug the policy out.It seems i am wrong on a couple of things.Firstly here is the wording. Sum insured on death before maturity. the greater of: 1-the guaranteed minimum sum insured of £31,000 (not £50.000 as i thought) OR 2-The value of the relevant bid price on the date of the units deemed allocated to this policy. I have also noted that My first wifes name is on the Policy as lifes insured-does this mean if i go she gets the money? Regarding continuing it, i cannot see anything,only that i can switch the bid value of the funds into the TSB money fund where the price is guaranteed not to fall, this switch can be made only once either on the anniversary of the plan or one year before maturity. I do nnot need the money at the present it is just a concern that as the units are stock market linked(scottish widows home buyers fund) i am concerned that the value may fall and that i have kept throwing money down the drain. The sum of £55 includes the life cover and the unit buying so not a bad thing maybe. Thnaks for your helpfull advice.
  13. Thank you both for your sensible and sensitive replies.I for got one thing the endowment is with Scotish Widows and what they call unit linked.Each month my money buys so many units at market price that have a buy /sell price,this unit price can go up or down with the stock market.It is not a fund with bonuses or annual top ups (with profits?).So, my £19.500 could be worth say £25.000 or drop to £15,000 who knows. once again, thank you and to anyone here.... male...check them..please.
  14. Here we go.Took out an endowment mortgage for £36,000 in 1986-interest only.with an endowment policy. swapped it for 50/50 interest/repayment when endowments hit the fan 7 years ago. now owe approx £24,000. Endowment worth £19.500 now. Endowment matures june 2010. Endowment payment £55.00 per month Mortgage payment £260 per month.Think i am paying 2.5% interest So i have a shortfall at present of £4.500 which i could pay off but am worried about Life insurance attached to the endowment, this i believe would pay off mortgage and pay £50.000 in the event of my death to my wife.The reason is this, just over two years ago i was diagnosed with testicular cancer, all the signs are good, had op, had chemo, now on 6 month checks, i really dont think anything would happen in the 14 months remaining on the policy but would struggle to get replacement life insurance. One finall caveat, i have no early redemption penalty and can pay off mortgage without penalty as i am just out of a two year deal and on the standard vriable rate. I just cannot decide what to do about this.Thanks Tony.
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