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  1. I kind of agree, we have had our house up with the agent now for almost a year and we've had a handful of people throught the door, most were timewasters!! The agents just sent around anyone, at least if I sell it my self via ourpropertymove I control the people coming to view. oncebittenx2shy I've had instant interest from listing on the site and I prefere being able to talk directly with them on the phone, it cuts out all the confusion that our agent can't. One guy I spoke to had a camper van and needed to keep it in a safe place. There is nowhere to keep a van at our house and simply told
  2. Does anyone think putting your house number on an online advert is safe? I'm thinking of putting my telephone number down as we've had loads of people sending emails for viewings but I'd rather arrange them over the phone. http://www.ourpropertymove.co.uk/item/?property_id=110 Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply. When you sold your property privately did you find a buyer quickly? I think it depends on how much time you have to carry out viewings, our estate agent has never done a viewing for us they only ring us and say a time the people are coming so I figure whats the difference? I'm going to speak to our estate agent tomorrow and see if our contract allows us to advertise the house privately with ourpropertymove while still using them as our agents. Best of both then because it wont cost us to advertise as its free for 30 days and if we do sell then
  4. We've seen an advert about selling property on the internet from our property move. Can anyone give some advise on pros and cons? Or anyone who has or knows someone who has sold without using an estate agent? I've looked at a few sites and there seems to be a few but would like some advice?
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