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  1. 18 minutes ago, msi said:

    Hi Rishi. 


    Why not got for a UKGov mortgage backstop that will hoover up the dross - aka Fannie BoJo?  You can sell it to your rich mates for pennies in the pound and underwrite the whole thing with Tax Payers cash, just like student loans.

    You can promise to be tough on immigration (just get Priti to do all the dog whistle stuff cos she can say it) and then sp*nk a load of 'high value' visas to keep the chicken shops and HMOs going.

    Don't worry about paying off the debt - just let Labour in for a term and blame them for the following 30 years, innit?


    Speaking of HMOs...

    Perhaps there is scope to scrap size limits on rooms?

    Not that it is currently enforced anyway, but it would certainly give landlords that extra a bit of confidence to divide up living spaces. Think of the yields in London!

    As long as we can get everyone back to physical offices, I'm sure hoovering up 80/90% of net take home pay for a newbie to the capital (on £23k-£25/year) would be possible!

  2. 27 minutes ago, erat_forte said:

    Hmm... Poster called "myusernameistaken", New Members, 2 posts, opens a thread soliciting suggestions for policy for the Treasury to try and get them out of this mess they have created.

    Rishi... nice to see you here mate. Hope you get some good ideas. Don't forget us all here when you pocket your next million.



    Any thoughts on a new measure of inflation? Even the CPI might be soon starting to expose what is happening. Can't have the 'independent' BOE raising interest rates can we? QE 'to the moon!

  3. We've all witnessed Rishi Dishi deliver housing props - left right and centre - over the past year to ensure continued HPI, with huge success!

    So you've just become Rishi's assistant and your goal is to impress him with some policy advice that will go down well with boomer homeowners (while offering 'help' to the young *wink**wink").

    So what policies do you implement?  (Bonus points for working with Tory donors).

    Here are my ideas:


    1. Help to Buy extended to all homes, not just new builds.

    2. Help to buy no longer restricted to FTBs. 

    3. Government to pay for all Tennant rent arrears following Covid (landlord gets the cash, tennant's pay it back via a student-style loan system). 

    4. Government to offer incentives to banks in order to buy up properties to make them 'rental homes of the future' - using Lloyds as a good example 

    5. Landlords, once again, able to reclaim mortgage tax relief on interest payments to help the country 'build back better' 

    6. Millenials able to access their pension pots early to help with getting on the housing ladder.

    7. New Government 'help for a deposit' scheme for millenials, with the Government matching any contributions from the BOMAD.  

    8. Zero Stamp duty extension until 2022 - wahaay. (To be announced at the last minute). 

    9. New scheme focused on removing barriers to home ownership with mortgage lending rules to be relaxed on banks - let's call it 8x income. 

    10. Japan-style intergenerational mortgage scheme, designed for help loved ones get on the housing ladder, who can't afford get a mortgage 8x their income. 

    Any more?

  4. The National Residential Landlords Association are asking for Government support to help tennant's pay off their rent arrears following covid.

    Obviously landlords can't miss out on missed rental payments as business risk shouldn't apply for them.

    'Help' for rent arrears anyone?


    (Bizarrely Generation Rent is proposing something similar...)


    Renter eviction ban to finish at end of May - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57094031

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