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  1. Thanks for replies and also North London Rent Girl for the link. It looks like prices are falling in this area. I think I will wait this one out for a year or two. I did contact a couple of banks that have international lending, Barclays and Lloyds, but although they will consider an expat they don't offer a product for a UK resident who is working and myself. It's one of the other.
  2. Hi, I would appreciate some advice. I live in the USA and I would like to help my relative buy a house in London preferably in the Bromley area. My relative works as a district nurse. Their rent is about £1,500 a month for a 3 bedder. I'm looking at a joint mortgage and they would be a key worker. The problem is I can't get a traditional mortgage in the UK because I don't live there. I was born there and still have a current account. I've looked into expat mortgages but they will only deal with me, not my relative because there doesn't appear to be any hybrid mortgages out there for residents and non-residents. The other issue is house prices are falling in London - is it better to wait sometime after Brexit?
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