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  1. My partner and I (26 and 27) are buying a 3 bedroom semi-detached house in Surrey, within a 40 minute train journey from London for £345k (it was last sold for £130k in 2000 but there has been a two-storey extension since). We actually offered £5k over the asking price in July, which was probably the wrong thing to do but at the time houses were moving so quickly and we knew that we wanted this property straight away. It seems like we might have offered just as prices were peaking. The house is ideal for us and I can see us living there for the next 10 years so I have no anxieties about the property. I am however becoming increasingly nervous from reading this forum that this is the worst time to buy and if property prices start to crash in the next few months, we will regret this decision for years to come. We are not buying as an investment, we are buying a home. I would be happy if prices stagnated for the next 10 years but it sounds like everyone here is predicting a crash before the end of the year. We have a 15% deposit on a 30 year mortgage and we will still be able to afford our repayments if interest rates jump up a few percent. Our mortgage has been approved and we are waiting for the contracts which could be in the next week or two but the more I read these forums, the more I'm getting cold feet. Is there anyone on here who thinks we are doing the right thing? I'm not looking for sarcastic comments, just honest and helpful advice from people who understand the market better than I do. If we sat and watched house prices fluctuate for the next few years we might never own our own home and we don't want to carry on renting. Are we naïve for wanting to set down and start building a home at this time?
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