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  1. You are off where.... to add another ex council flat to your BTL portfolio?

    This is what I meant. You think that five poxy council flats makes you a superior person.

    I am superior to no one and have never ever claimed to be. I merely enjoy putting my point of view accross regarding the housing market. If you read between the lines there are far more wealthy and superior posters on this board

  2. Congratulations, that's the biggest load of claptrap I've read all week! :lol:

    I bet it is if you cannot be arsed to do anything. Prove me wrong Yandros, prove me wrong.

    Do you want to sit around mulling on the negative aspects of the apparent bad world that we always seem to live in or do you want to say fu*k you, stay put if you wish, but while your sitting still, I'm off..............

  3. Yandros,

    History always repeats itself as EVERYTHING in the universe is cyclical, at least to a degree in our lifetime.

    SO, if bad things have happened before and you hurt your hands, is it not your responsibility to make sure that you do not do it again?

    Everything in life is continually evolving and by moving, you stay on top of the wave.

    Stay still and get overwhelmed.

  4. Leftysmate,

    I hate falling out with anyone even on a Friday night after a mug of wine.

    You disagree with me and I also disagree with you.

    To me, it's all relative.There will be people this very day saying that this is THE worst time for everything. Jobs, houses, relationships.

    There were people saying the same in 1989 etc etc etc.

    The truth is that there is never a perfect or worst day for anything that you wish to do. The physical world stays the same, it is only our perception that differs and that is totally under our control.

    It is an easy way out pointing the finger at forces beyond our control. It is much harder pointing the finger at ourselves.

  5. 225 in a Uk company in a supposed UK recession?

    Get bloody real. You feel hard done by but these kind of numbers have been made jobless 97' - 2004'on a weekly if not monthly basis.

    In fact your lucky these days to have a job (read contract) of over 12 months.

    There is ALWAYS a lot of personal pain whether personal or company , recession or boom and if you think otherwise then you are wrong.

    Even during 1997 - 2004 there have been repossessions, layoffs, problems. Look and the personal problems experienced by the Birmingham motor workforce over the recent 'boom' years.

    My original point was, did the 92 'recession' have a major effect on your day to day life. I'm sorry that of over 2500 views, it affected you. But by the same token you could ask the question did the 2005 shakeup affect you and only people like those at Rover would respond.

    You are showing your true personality by saying that those that are profiting now are cashconvertors et al.

    You can always prosper by adjusting your approach.

    And your right, my original post was not about the 92' recession.It was about the predicted far reaching HPC

  6. Leftysmate & Pobby,

    Thanks for the nice words.

    But is this not a "discussion" board. A lot of things I read on here bug the sh*t out of me but I do not resort to personal insults.

    Sorry to hear about your problems.

    But if you disagree with me at least have the courtesy to be polite. Especially as you have a degree from a red brick university.

    As is unavoidable in any occurance there will be people that are affected and people that are not.

    Although things were undoubtedly tighter, it wasn't bread and water all round with rioting in the streets.

    Even during the tight early 90's there were people that did well and prospered.

    This is the crux of the argument.

    Whenever and during whatever, if you have the right outlook you will see the positives and move forward. If all you can do is rue the past, moan about the present and worry about the future then you are stuck rigid.

    I appreciate that everyone is different but rather than moan about everyone and everything else and rely on external influences to control your happiness, do whats needed to make you happy now, in 12 months time or whenever.

  7. You write like you are Donald Trump, but if I look back to your earlier posts, I see that you own five properties (ex LA). Not exactly a tycoon. Does that include the one you live in?

    Have you figured out what your LTV is yet?

    Never said that I was.

    Whats LTV

  8. You started the topic with a generalisation then contradicted yourself saying that you cant generalise. :blink:

    Are you for real???

    I know I shouldn't rise to it but this guy's UNBELIEVEABLE!!

    Probably a classic case of someone who's made money during the biggest property boom the world has ever seen and now thinks he's some kind of genius.

    Trouble is your too thick to realise how thick you are.......where's Jeremy Beadle? I know your here somewhere.

    I really am going now....before I have an aneurysm

    No, no, no, I started the topic stating that the predicted crash isn't happening. 40% reductions. No. Period.

    Not a generalisation, just a fact.

    I then went on to point out, yet again, that you cannot generalise about any crash (should it ever happen) because, just as you cannot predict (with any guarantee) the movements of the financial markets, you cannot accurately predict the movements of the property market.

    If I am wrong and you are right, what have you spent your £10,000,000 profit made in the rising property market since 1994 on?

    I'm no genius but then again I do not set up websites claiming I am :rolleyes:

    And by the way, you shouldnt joke about aneurysm's - it's not right.

  9. "House prices may fall but not by the same amount and not accross the board" - True. They may fall but not at the same rate (if at all) accross the board.

    "In fact, I will state now that less than 80% of properties will see prices falls" - True.

    "Admit it people or you stand a good chance of looking foolish :-)))" - True, you do.

    What I am saying is that there may well be a crash if you bought a £350,000 1 bed appartment off plan overlooking the Thames but that if you bought a 2 bed ex authority flat for £30,000 in 1999 which is currently worth £72,000 which has given a rent of £495 pcm for the past 4 years then you may find that the worst of the crap predicted on this board will fly past you at 100 miles an hour without even ruffling your hair .

    Tis true. I am a legend. Look back in 2015 and see the truth.

  10. Fine...so why start the thread in the first place?? :blink:

    Bet your Dad's bigger than mine as well....Jesus.

    Goodbye. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Becuse it was you guys that thought that you could \ can generalise about the property market hence HPC.

    Your right, he is.

    And don't leave your electric blanket plugged in. You know it's dangerous.


    Shamus & Take The Blow :lol::lol::lol:

  11. I love that phrase, doom mongering.

    Cambridge dictionary says;



    a person who encourages a particular activity, especially one which causes trouble:

    So we're encouraging the activity of doom.

    Top quality game, yay us.

    BTW did you happen to have any Amazon shares in 2000?

    No. Not one. Never been into shares.

    Did own some wonderfully profitable properties though.

    DBT, regarding your avatar \ banner - should it also read "Shares for people, not for profit". How about "Shops for people, not for profit". Or how about "Ebay for people, not for profits"


  12. Have we discussed everything to death? I`ve been aware of this interesting environment for close on 2 years now, however, similar to Bubb, I`m becoming increasingly bored with the overall level and quality of debate. I`ve never been that prolific a poster, but I do wonder were we`re headed with this space now. There are changes afoot, they were never going to be in such black and white terms that anyone could point and say "There you go, told ya so, it`s crashing around us"

    As has been pointed out ad nasueum any HPC (correction not crash) will be accompanied by the economy going tits up also, so those wishing for a huge crash see that happening in isolation, i.e. their jobs will be safe as economic armeggedon unwinds but they`re OK `cos they can finally climb onto the firstrung? Oh dear.

    2 years and nothing much has changed apart from those with balls have made more than a little cash that enables them to be financially independant.

    The quality of the debate seems to fade whenever an opposing view is aired.

    The economy may well be going tits up but, just as every other day in history, if you prepare there will be profits.

    Stop moaning.

  13. My experience is that prices are falling--up to 20% in the small area where I'm looking. Also, houses are definitely staying on the market longer. (That's because the prices are still too high.)

    Are some homes selling? Sure. Some people always buy at the top of markets. But the prices are definitely down and properties are taking longer to move than they were 2 to 3 years ago, when I started looking to buy.

    So, frankly, I don't care what you think--or do. :P

    Okey dokey - wheres your area?

    Have prices fell 20% or are the falling UP TO 20%? Give us a central postcode and let us do the work with nethouseprices and rightmove and find out the truth.

    In my area properties are moving much slower, more like normal levels as opposed to 03' - 04' levels, but they are still selling and for close to valuation.

    Admit it - you cannot generalise about any free market.

  14. Question - did anyone here really notice the 92" recession? Did it affect you day to day life.

    I bet it didnt if 1) You had little debt or borrowing 2) You did not live beyond your means 3) You had a few brain cells.

    "And we have been promised that this time it will be worse" - If you sit there shit*ing yourself, believing everything that they tell you, unwilling to move and adjust then, yes, there will be a MASSIVE house price crash, and YES the sky will fall in.

    NO ONE can predit EVERYTHING correctly 100% of the time and this is the funniest thing.

    The general premise on this board is that you lot can.


    Well it`s not our fault you aint earning any money, can`t you claim unemployment benefit.

    Never. I prefer being out there earning a wage by using my wits and not whinging about how bad things are or will become

    There's a thin line between bravery & stupidity... are you brave?

    Yes.If i was stupid I'd spend my time posting cra* on message boards about what MAY be.

    Here in Bingley 10% (that's 25% of the expected crash) is being lopped-off the prices of properties on a regular basis.

    You seem to imply that we expect the crash to happen in one almighty 'Black Monday' type event. We don't. It'll happen over years. Part of it will be property prices falling, and part of it will be wages rising. We won't actually see prices fall by the percentages being talked about, what will happen is wages will rise and things will settle in the region of average house price = 3 times average salary, the higher wages giving the impression of a larger drop in house prices than has actually happened. That's what I believe anyway. Could be 5-8 years though before we reach that point.

    10% of prices on a regular basis - is that daily, weekly, monthly yearly?

    The second paragraph just confirms that there probably wont be a crash.

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