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  1. It's a fair cop guv But I'm no estate agent :angry: To quote the fabulous Wikipedia: "Most online discussion groups are open (especially Usenet) therefore the self-described members have no more right than anyone else to be there. It is tribalistic types (often depraved) who claim that a group is their turf. Unsurprisingly, "troll" very often simply means "newcomer" or a person who says something someone else doesn't like. You can say "the sky is blue" and yet be accused of being a troll" My views on property differ to some on here but it's a discussion board. For discussions.
  2. Very true but it can be a very frustrating wait.
  3. Do you think that it is a little too easy to shout 'TROLL' if you do not agree with the views of others? Show me the twist? Really, really funny.
  4. Opposing views shouldn't really wind you up. Make you think but you should be old enough not to get wound up. Funny, really, really funny
  5. I post as I disagree with many of the points raised and, as this is a discussion board, provide my views for further discussion.
  6. Why? You people really do make my day The original post is sad. Sad beyond belief. Very bitter. Very, very bitter
  7. I dont have a winking arm? I'm on here because I like to post my opinions and disagree totally with the blinkered and unbelievably narrow minded views of many posters. The only reason that many others are on here is to try to confirm to themselves on a daily basis what a terrible world we live in and how black everything is. I have never in my life come accross such a negative bunch. The post was originally started to point out that the much hyped and anticipated crash is not yet with us despite the spin pumped out by this site. So where is it? When will it happen? What % falls will we
  8. But how far behind the 'Trend' are most of the current buyers? Months if not years. Sorry.......
  9. Well done for being working class. So was I BUT, the difference between yow and me is that I do not judge. Where I was brought up is now 95% owner occupier and smart to boot but I still see loads of the older people that helped bring me up.. The area that you are passing judgement on is ex council but not that bad at all. The problem with the UK, and we are not just talking the housing market, is that over the past decade, people have begun thinking they are more than they actually are because thay have a bigger car (on the drip) than their pals and they have a bigger house (on the drip) t
  10. Probably are but 25 years is a long time and if you can grab 'em withgood rates and good terms then you are stoopid if you chose otherwise
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